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    Default First trip to Couple Sans Souci

    This will be our first trip to Couples SS after being Braco babes for the past four years!! and have a few questions. Being a typical women I'd like to know if I should bring my own hairdryer (or are the one's in the room adequate? I have short hair & my husband doesn't have any!). Are there shampoos/shower gel's etc. in the rooms and are these replenished frequently?

    After staying on the AN side of GLB we will of course be heading down to SSB and wondered if we need to cover up for lunch?

    Are there plenty of beach towels or is there a Braco battle every morning ?!?

    We are really looking forward to our trip (we will be there from 15th December to 6th Jan). Hopefully we will see some of our friends from GLB and of course make some new one's.

    What is the dress code for New Year's Eve? should my husband bring a Tux?

    Any other tips & advise would be great

    Deb & Simon

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    Deb & Simon, you will love SSB. First, There is a hair dryer in the room. If you have short hair it should be fine. I have longer hair and I don't bring mine. It does take a little more time for mine to dry, but it works OK for me. The do have shampoo and shower gel dispensers in the shower. I like a certain brand and scent so I bring my own. My husband uses what is in the room.

    When it comes to covering up for lunch at SSB, it is a matter of preference. Some don't feel comfortable eating in AN, so they will wrap their towels around themselves as they eat, others don't have a problem, and eat AN.

    I have never been there at New Years since we always go early December, but I don't believe you will need a tux. The dress code even at Cassonova is Resort dressy. Long pants, closed toe shoes, and a collared shirt for men. I wouldn't think it would get much more dressy. However, if he would want to, It is whatever he is comfortable with. But, as I said I have not been there, so someone who has will have to confirm this.

    Welcome, and enjoy your vacation.

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    Welcome (soon) to Couples!
    For us, at CSS the hairdryer was fine. Shampoo and bath gel was okay for me, but my wife prefers her favorite brands of each and brings her own. There's a nice bar and grill at SSB, so there's no need to cover up for lunch unless you want to walk back over to the main dining room. There's a towel exchange at the water sports shack, which is conveniently on the way to SSB. Just pick up fresh towels if you need them on the way.
    We've only been to CN for New Year's Eve, so don't know the scene at CSS. Dress at CN ranged from resort casual to quite nice (saw a tux or two). CSS seems to be a little more laid back, so I doubt a tux is expected, but would sure look nice!
    We would love to go back to Couples again at Christmas/NY - the atmosphere is so festive. Of course, anytime is a great time to visit.

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    Hi Deb & Simon!
    Welcome to Couples and the JOY of CSS and SSB!!!!! Now to your questions! Women usually dress very formally for NYE. However, just be aware that the NYE celebration will be on the main lawn, so your high heels will sink into the grass. I usually bring beautiful low heeled shoes. Your husband will not need a tux. Nice slacks and nice tropical shirt will work. But if your husband wants to wear a tux then he should!

    As for SSB, it is such a wonderful place!!! Some people cover up for lunch, and others don't. I haven't seen anyone make a big deal about it. I usually don't cover up, I'm there to enjoy the AN experience, I came into this world naked and I don't think I need to cover up to enjoy jerk chicken!!! But that is my choice and I make no moral judgements about what anyone else wants to do!!!

    As for the hairdryer, they are provided. I found that the wattage was a bit different from what I had at home, so it could take longer to get my hair dry. Now that I have a short fro' I don't need the hairdryer. Couples provides a shampoo with conditioner and body wash in the shower. I like them. If you have a particular preference, you may want to bring your own. CSS also provides lotion in the bathroom too. The wonderful housekeeping staff keeps your bathroom well staffed.

    Towel Situation: There will be beach towels in your room upon arrival, and you can pick up more at SSB--so no battles!!!:-)

    We will be at CSS from Dec. 27 until Jan.5, for our 4th visiti, so I hope we get to meet! Hubby and I spend everyday at SSB!

    Happy Travels and One Love,

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    Shampoo and shower gel are provided and restocked. There is a hair dryer, but if you're picky, you may want to bring yours./

    You can cover up for lunch or not at SSB. I've seen both but some on the boards in the AN section feel you shouldn't.

    Plenty of towels

    Never been there on New YEars, but I can't think of a better place to spend it! Enjoy!

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    Deb and Simon - We will be at CSS from Dec 30th until Jan 7th, and it will be our 4th trip to CSS, but first for New Year's. We, too, have been to Braco 5 times, before finding CSS and Sunset Beach. You are going to fall in love with Couples, and in particular, with Couples Sans Souci. We have so much information we can pass on to you, but it is far too long for the message board. Send us an e-mail to and we'll send it all to you, along with some pictures. Looking forward to meeting you at Sans Souci!!

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    We were at CTI for the last NYE. On that night it seemed more women wore fancier cocktail dresses than on other nights, but I don't recall seeing any men in a tux. There were some men wearing a suit, or a jacket at least, and there were quite a few ties. But then some men just wore a nice button up short sleeved shirt. So wear what you're most comfortable in... and have the space to pack! ...a tux or suit would take up more luggage space, and then add the dress shoes too.

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    Thank you all some much for your advise & help. Only 22 days to go

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    Ditto what everyone else said. I personally think you'll quite like SSB. We in fact just got back a few days ago and met a lovely couple who were also Braco regulars. They had only very minor "complaints" about CSS, and those were mostly focused on the fact that the wife had some mobility issues, and it took them a bit longer to get around than it apparently did at Braco (CSS is quite spread out and hilly, and they have a van/bus, but it sometimes takes a few minutes for them to come).

    As for covering up, I personally always put a towel down on the bar stool/seat if I'm eating, but there are plenty who don't, and hence no judgment. I've seen a very small minority of women who will put a on their bikini bottoms to come to the bar/bathroom, but that mostly seems to be women who spend the bulk of their time on the beach and may not be comfortable with and/or "know" the people who seem to spend more of their time at the pool area.

    I'm babbling, I'm sure, but the gist is: If you eat at SSB, you do not have to cover up, but you can choose to (generally speaking). They have the same offerings as at the beach grill, plus they bring over some chafing dishes of the lunch offerings at Palazzina.

    As for the shampoo/conditioner, don't fret it unless your hair is really "picky" and you can't deal with the shampoo/conditioner combo. Do be aware that the water is quite hard, so you'll likely go through a bit more shampoo and soap than you're used to.

    And beach towels aren't an issue, either. The policies (IMHO) are in place so that you don't have people dropping/leaving towels everywhere and so they can get them laundered regularly. If you have a modicum of common courtesy (which you undoubtedly do), it's not a problem.

    Happy New Year. I'm hopelessly jealous, even though we just got back. And when you meet Jhaenel(ph) (the regular bartender at SSB), Rowan ("watersports," though he's often at SSB) and Kadyann(ph) (entertainment director), please tell them that Heidi and Greg send their love.

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