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    Default Can a relative take photographs during the cermony?

    Hey there guys!!! My brother-in-law is an amateur photographer, its more of a hobby for him. I would like him to take pictures during our ceremony and after. Would there be a problem with this as he is not a licensed photographer? I will still be using a resort photographer during the ceremony as that is included in our wedding package but only includes few photos.

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    No problem!

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    Of course. We were just married there on Nov 4th, and we had people that we met on the plane to the resort taking pictures for us, as well as the resort photographer. It was good to have some candid shots that our new friends took for us! Enjoy your wedding!

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    That's great!!! Thanks! I can't wait....I'm so excited

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    We did this for our wedding and it worked out GREAT! The resort photographer stopped and let our friend take every photo he took. We ended up with TONS of great shots and only paid for the minnium package too!

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