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    Default gift for groom from bride

    So what do I get my groom of 15 years for our vow renewal? All ready bought him a ring (10 years), got a fancey wacth ( 2 years) and he really doesn't wear either. When we got married I bought him a ceramic boot ( he's a cow boy at heart ) was thinking of buying him a crystal boot , lame or cute?!? why is shoping for men so hard..... HELP

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    Hey Red, lol I have the exact same issue...15 yr. renewal wedding in July...he doesn't wear a watch, doesn't use the silver lighter I gave him for our 10th, etc. Here's my answer - boudoir photos. Now, I'm lucky in that my best friend is a photographer so I will be very comfortable having her take nearly-naked photos of me...but I'm just SURE my hubs will like that gift! I'm going to put them into a photo book for him. Never done it before, and it's about time!

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    I was thinking about that!!!!!!

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    I'm doing boudoir shots/photo album also- this Friday! Actually, mine is a country boy too, so one of my outfits will include one of his hats and shirts, and my boots. I can't wait to see his eyes pop LOL~

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