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    Default Health insurance while traveling

    Hi everyone! We have our 4th trip to CSA booked for May 2013!! It can't come soon enough! We have officially talked my parents (in their 50s) to come with and while they are excited, there are some nerves when it comes to health insurance. Neither of my parents have any outstanding health issues, but my mom has recently had a bizarre infection land her in the hospital for a few days. This made her start researching what would happen if something like that would happen while in Jamaica.

    She called her health insurance provider and they said if something were to happen they would pay upfront while getting treatment in Jamaica and then go through a process when back in the US to get money back. but really medical bills could be tens of thousands of dollars to pay upfront. Does anyone have any experience with travelers health insurance? We asked my travel agent and they have insurance of course but it's more for if you need to cancel, ect. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    The travel insurance that we purchased covered hospital/evac costs so no upfront costs to traveler. Well worth it for peace of mind.

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    What insurance company did you use jimpat1?

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    We got insurance through tripmate, who is the company thru the website here. It takes a while, but well worth it! g/l

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanandsarah View Post
    What insurance company did you use jimpat1?
    I replied yesterday but I guess it didn't make the cut because I posted a link to a third party company. Oh well. Do some research and you will find a good company for this.

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    Your mother was given correct information. The problem that you could possibly face could be burdensome. You need to check out what kinds of emergency medical insurance might be available through you r travel agent or credit card company. Travel insurance such as the kind that will cover air fare and land expenses will often cover emergency medical expenses. The company that we use for flight protection also covers emergency medical expenses. The Company is Stonebridge. We obtained this from our airline: Air Tran. Good luck!

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    We obtain out insurane thru, they give you numerous companies and prices to choose from.

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    I guess that is necessary because according to the era that is the need of everyone,We aren't really safe on roads and all so there is nothing bad in if someones goes for this option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barlok View Post
    I guess that is necessary because according to the era that is the need of everyone,We aren't really safe on roads and all so there is nothing bad in if someones goes for this option.
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    Check out the travel insurance offered on the Couples website when making your reservation.
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    I just googled best international trip insurance and came up with csa travel protection rated number one. 10 day full coverage was only $265 for both of us

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Be aware that many of those travel policies still simply reimburse you after you pay up front. And while they set high limits to what they will pay, the still basically pay up to what they consider a reasonable amount (depending upon your issue and treatment) which can leave you still paying a good bit of the bill even though you bought the insurance. Just be sure to understand those details of your plan, they vary quite a bit.
    Having said that, I now always purchase medical evacuation insurance since the medical services in Jamaica can be so unreliable. Generally the insurance company gets to decide if you need to be evacuated though. So still not ideal.
    One last bit of advice... Look up " MoBay Hope Medical Center" and read about them. If I need medical care that is where I will go. I keep their number in my phone and my wife's phone. I hope this will change once the new medical center gets built and staffed in Negri, but for now Hope Medical for me if I need something serious.
    Safe travels!

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    Hi guys! I'm not sure why this thread got started back up again, but I was the original poster in Sept 2012... We already went on our trip in May 2013! thanks for all of the advice though!

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    Sorry I thought it was a new thread. Though I am not sure I understand that post that started it back up.

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    Have them check with their company first. I work for a health insurance company and one of our insured fell ill when he was on his honeymoon in Jamaica last March. (He ended up being diagnosed with Melanoma of the brain) The insurance covered not only the hospitalization in Jamaica, but the helicopter transfer from Mo'bay to Florida.

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    As noted by jordanandsarah, they have already taken their trip and when someone responded to the post, it updated the postings. However, there are some posts/issues that are good to have updated as reminders and valuable information provided to others. It is certainly good practice to check pre-trip on what your medical coverage would provided if medical was needed.

    Quite often for us, we purchase only trip insurance that cover medical and medical evacuation since that is where the area of greatest expense risk.

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    Wally, what's not to understand? Sit down, chug a six of Red Stripe as fast as possible, and it'll clear right up!

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