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    Hey JenL!
    We were just in Frankenmuth for a vacation this summer!

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    hey, we are from Scituate, Rhode Island and will be doing our first Couples trip to CN on March 13. Cant wait.

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    I'm jealous, We still have 232 days to go for our 4th trip. The last couple of days before you leave are the worst. The anticipation is half the fun......
    Have a great trip! CN is awesome.

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    We are from Foristell, Missouri and we are newbies. We are making our first trip 4/29 and getting married
    5/3. We are staying at CN. I to have been addicted to the site for about 2 months now. Proud to see so
    Midwest/Missourians. Is it May yet?

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    Niles, Ohio. I've been checking this board out long before I actually joined since I've been planning our trip for over a year. I'm just waiting on my employer to tell me when I can have off so I can book. I'm hoping for July. Can't wait till it's in stone!

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    LifeLoveEnergy - Hope you had a good time in 'muth! There is usually a lot going on in the summer

    Jellis - Thanks! I am really impressed by how many people on here keep going back to Couples multiple times - makes me feel like we made a really good choice by booking there! I just need to fast forward through the next week!

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    We're fron Irvine, Ayrshire in Scotland. 106 days till we return to CTI.
    Iain & Jacqui

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    JenL Always enjoy my shopping trips with my girlfriends over to Birch Run and a visit to your beauiful town. We are in negril same time as you only at Swept Away. Have a great trip.

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    We are form Fargo, North Dakota. Going to CTI for the first time April 20th.

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    West Fargo, ND.

    Been home a week from our 2nd trip to CN. Is it too soon to be thinking and wishing about going back?

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    Kankakee, IL, about 60 miles south of Chicago!! Will be back at Swept Away August 22-29th. Been to CSS and CN but just love the beach at Swept Away.

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    Erie Pa........ ever since our first trip to couples, 9 trips and counting , I have used the message board to get me through the long dark winters on the shores of lake Erie. We just took advantage of the new sales event and are booked for a week the end of september at our home away from home.... CSS.

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    Chuck & Cheryl. We are from Elida, Ohio. We will be at CN from 5 - 9 March.

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    Default Greenville

    My husband and I are from Greenville, South Carolina. Our countdown is now at 153 days until we return for our second trip to CSA. I really am not sure I can make it that long.

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    Chesterfield, Virginia

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    We are from Reno, NV. I have been on the message boards since 2008 - our first trip. Trip #6 coming 36 weeks from today!

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    We are from the East Coast of North Carolina and we will be heading to CSS on May 12th.

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    We'll be at CTI in 4 weeks, flying in from a surprisingly warm (36 degrees) Winona, Minnesota

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    5th trip to Jamaica but first to CSA and we're looking forward to getting there on April 27th for a week. Bentonville, AR

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    We live just south of Buffalo, NY ... 61 days before we head home to CN for our 3rd time.

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    We are from Grimsby, Ontario, and have been on this message board since 2009. In April it will be our third trip to Sans Souci! Can't wait!

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    We are from Monroe, LA and we started following the message board in 2005 when we went there, CTI, and got married. Have followed it since then (changed our screen name so hubby wouldn't feel left out).

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    We're from Jersey!!! arriving on April 28 to May 7th and cannot wait. This will be our 4th trip to Couples Negril!!

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    Jeff and I have called NYC (Astoria, Queens currently) our home for about 9 years now, but are originally from Northwestern MA (Pittsfield and North Adams respectively). Can't say I'm addicted, I've only posted a handful of times, but I have been reading up here (and on TA) since we booked our trip. CTI March very close!

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    We are from SUNNY Phoenix, Arizona. We were married at CN in April 2006, revisited CN in July 2008, then CTI in March 2009...back to CN in April 2012! Cannot wait!! We've been on the boards since 2006.

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