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    Wow, This is global. We have 33 states covered in the USA so far. Hoping to hear from the rest. We can do it......

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    We are from the REAL "Jersey" - UK lol- Thats got to be a first lol heading to CSA in April 2012

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    Fairfax, Vermont
    CSA March 11-18, 2012

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    tallman2nd, when are you heading to cti? we are from madison and will be there feb 27-march 5.

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    I am still addicted.......We are planning our next trip to Couples.....October can not get her fast enough....
    LOVE COUPLES!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Saint Louis MO (out in the O'fallon area).

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    Asheville, North Carolina

    78 days till we're back at CN!!

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    We're from Canterbury, CT....we'll be heading to our first trip to Couples Negril in 3 weeks.

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    We are Allen and Cindy from the Madison area of Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama).

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    We're from Williamsburg, VA. We are taking our first trip to CCS in 219 days for our 25th wedding anniversary. So excited and very addicted to the threads!

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    We're from New Hampshire. I've been hooked since 2004. Returning home December 2012 and can't wait. I get my fix here almost every day!

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    From Omaha, Nebraska....will be back to CSA Sept, 2012 for the 8th time. We have also been to CN 3 times and love both Couples resorts. We got married at CSA in Jan, 1999 and have been hooked since. Counting down the days till another fabulous trip is underway.

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    Hi my name is Kia and Im a MB addict from Lincoln, NE. We will be at CTI in May!

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    We are from Brenham, Texas... heading to CTI early August. This will be our 15th visit to Jamaica - 8th to Couples Resorts... 4th to CTI!!!

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    We are from Louisville, Kentucky and I was addicted about 9 months before we even got to one of the resorts in 2008. I have been on these boards since then and will continue to get my Couples fix by coming here and reading about all the different resorts. We are only able to go to CSA about every 3 years, so this helps me not go into detox. Great idea for a thread.

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    Greetings from Staffordshire, England. Twelve sleeps till CSA!

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    I'm from ...oh already know where I am.

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    We hale from Sydney, Nova Scotia. Trip 10 to Jamaica and our sixth Couples holiday the first week of April, CSS.

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    Quesnel, BC, Canada
    I've been on for about a year!
    Can't wait until May for my first trip to CSS

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    london, uk

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    Great thread!

    Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA - 5 timers (next is CTI 2/24/2012)

    Rich & Karen

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    Quote Originally Posted by JULSWH View Post
    I think so Jellis, I am from England, (Sussex) and started looking at this board before our first trip in 2009. We were going with repeater friends so wanted to feel a little more at home in the resort without having to rely on friends knowledge, by the time we got there we may not have had the physical experience but I knew the facilites and the schedules!!!! I then came back to the board as soon as we booked for the second time looking almost everyday and am currently 93 days and counting to our third visit - but first to CSS (so I have had to start all the research again!!!).

    I think this board has a lot of North Americans (US and Canada) and Brits using it. It will be interesting to see from where else, at the resort we have met french, german and dutch couples.

    We are also from Sussex (near Battle) . you won't be dissapointed with CSS, we are going back for the 5th time in September. never have done any other Couples, worried that we won't like them.

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    Woo Hoo… counting the days to 18th June when we get married at CTI.
    From Dublin, Ireland.
    Pain getting there with no direct flights from Ireland but if the message boards are correct, then we couldn’t have chosen a better place.
    There from 10th June, look us up if your there.
    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

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    Yes...I would say this is definitely a global thing. My hubby and I are from Millville, New Jersey. We will be returning to a Couples resort for the second time this May!! Can't wait!!!

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    We are from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Have been checking out the message board since we booked in September. Feb 24 - March 3 will be our first trip to CN My husband has been teasing me because as our trip draws nearer (10 days!!!!) I have been spending more and more time on here, and I think it is making my excitement almost unbearable!

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