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    Default Our wedding CSA 11-11-11

    I have to say that our experience at CSA from the time we arrived to the time we left was fantastic and Im so
    glad we chose to have our wedding there. We had never been to CSA before so we werent exactly sure what to
    expect but all of the staff were extremely friendly, the food was great at all of the restaurants and the drinks were strong There are plenty of activities to do and it doesnt get any better than just floating in that
    crystalblue water.

    Alicia the wedding coordinator was fantastic! I met with her the day after we arrived to discuss details for
    the wedding. It was nice to finally talk to someone in person after only
    communicating through emails for a year! She was so organized and friendly she put me right at ease. I
    didnt have exact types of flowers in mind for myself and my bridemaids so I told Alicia the colors I wanted and she promised me I would love them. Some brides may have panicked not seeing their flowers before the
    wedding to know what they were going to look like but I just went with it and I absolutely loved all the flowers. They were beautiful and just what I was hoping for. I decided to have a single layer cake for us and a
    cupcake tier for our guests, I didnt see how they would look before wedding day either and they also looked
    great. Alicia also set up thed centerpiece decorations for the cocktail tables with vases of shells and they
    looked great as well. I brought all the stuff I had for the ceremony such as sand ceremony set, hand fans, favors, ribbon for cake etc to the meeting with Alicia and she took care of all of it. Everything was set up
    perfect and just as I had asked. Our wedding day ran smoothly from start to finish. There were no problems and we loved everything!

    Our photographer was also amazing as well. We went with outside photographer Diana Campbell and
    paying the $500 resort fee was well worth it. She was great to work with an very reasonably priced.
    She called me as soon as we arrived at the resort to discuss the wedding day. On the day of the wedding,
    Diana's son Richard came to do the photos. He was fun to work with and took some amazing photos. Our
    wedding was at 11am then we had lunch and went on the catamaran cruise with all 40 of our guests.
    Richard stayed with us all day, even went with us on the catamaran! It was great. Diana met with us 3 days
    after the wedding to give us our cd with all of our photos(all 529 of them!) and our dvd which was a
    slideshow set to music and video of our wedding ceremony. The pictures look fantastic and the video is as
    fantastic as well!

    I loved our whole wedding experience and vacation. I recommend doing a destination at CSA to anyone and we will definitely be going back there again!!

    I have to say

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    great review thanks for sharing

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    =) Glad it was wonderful! To many years of happiness!

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    We are also getting married at 11am and plan to have lunch with our group afterwards followed by the catamaran cruise. Did you have a cake cutting and champagne toast? If so, when did this take place in the timeline of events and where?

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    Also where did you all have lunch at and did you make reservations for your group?

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    yes after the ceremony we signed the marriage license and then Alicia walks you over to the garden area where you have cake and champagne toast. We made a reservation at Patois restaurant for lunch at 1:00 and they gave us a special menu for our guests. I also made a reservation for our group for the catamaran cruise to make sure we would all be able to go. The catamaran is at 330 and you need to be there at 315. our time line worked out well. we had enough time for photos after ceremony and I think we showed up for lunch around 115 but our guests were all there and starting to eat which was good. After lunch there was just enough time to go back to our room to change and get to the catamaran.

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    Here is a link to Diana Campbell and her son Richards blog on their website with a few of our wedding photos posted


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    Any photos you can share? My CSA event is booked for 5/19/2012. Thanks.

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    Great pics! Love the gorgeous colors. Congatulations! Looking forward to ours May 2nd.

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    I also loved the ease and simplicity of working with Alecia at CSA. I had zero stress over my wedding, just picked my flower colour and flavour of cake, wedding on the beach (of course!). we only had 4 friends along with us so we just made a booking at Feathers for dinner and it was delicious.
    it was so stress free I was out swimming in the ocean having a mudslide from Curtis 2 hours before my wedding! LOVE IT!!!

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    JamaicaWedding - all of your information has been helpful as we plan to follow a similar timeline for our day. Did you make the reservations at Patois restaurant once you were there and met with Alicia to pick out your flowers and whatnot? Or did you make them in advance before arriving in Jamaica?

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