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    Default bringing school supples to Jamaica

    Hi everyone,
    I read on trip advisor that some people have brought school supplies for the kids. I also read that the value of gifts you an bring into Jamaica is $40. I would love to bring some supplies/other but only if this is okay to do so. I donot want to offend anyone, but I would love to give. Can anyone tell me of their experience doing this? Does the resort accept gifts that could be forwarded on?

    thanks very much

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    Get with SueBoo on the message board. She has experience with that.

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    Hi Mrs. J
    I have been bringing school supplies to Jamaica every year since 2002. I take 2 suitcases full of supplies whenever I go. I sponsor a school in Westmoreland Parish near the resorts in Negril. Needless to say the supplies are worth way more than $40. I have never been questioned about them. If you click on my screen name and view my profile you will see a picture of me and some of the children from the school

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    We had collected school supplies from one trip to the other and accumulated quite a bit - too much to put in our suitcase. We called the Couples' Office in Florida. They told us to mail them to the the Florida office w/itemized list and cost ( do not mail to Couples in Jamaica for they may not get them) and they would gladly deliver to the schools in Jamiaca. The next trip, we asked to visit a school (we are big on education) and our wish was granted from CTI. The elementary age children were so adorable and friendly. It was great to see some of the items we had sent (i.e. charts, jump ropes, etc.) were being used and they were so gracious. What a wonderful and unforgetable experience. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Paul and Debbie

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    Attachment 14836We always take some school supplies to Jamaica. I buy them in the US when they have the back to school sales. Each of the Couples resorts will make sure they get to a local school. In Negril we were able to visit a primary school and deliver them ourselves. It was a great experience. Guest services or sales may be able to arrange a visit for you. At CN Opal in sales helped us.

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    Default Ideas of what they need most

    We are heading to CSA in a week and would love ideas from those of you who have taken school supplies before, on what is needed & and appreciated most at the local Schools. Thanks Mon!!!
    On The Beach

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    Here are the pictures of The Broughton School in Westmoreland Parish. The children are so sweet and appreciative of all of the supplies that they receive.
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