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    Thanks after I posted that I thought I was mistaken. We always said Delta stood for DELayed TAkeoff.
    Nope, DELTA stands for Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport
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    ,ah,the airlines.....i remember when AA gobbled up TWA they told us STL would still have a majority of the old routes flying. truth is they are no longer the major carrier at STL anymore Southwest is.

    we have had lots of fun with Delta as well. on a trip two years ago we had been going out of Memphis non stop via Northwest air and when Delta gobbled them up they killed the non stop out of mem and provided us with a connection the had an overnight layover in atlanta.

    many hours on the phone finally got us on a decent flight out of mem with a connection in atlanta with a decent arrival time.

    delta also gifted us with an extra night in jamaica the next year. i look at the departure information at Swept Away before we check out and everything is fine and ontime.

    we arrive at mbj to be told when checking in that our flight has been delayed. we go grab a bite to eat and head back to the gate and see our flight is now cancelled. this led to a wonderful multi hour sit and have no info or idea what was going to happen.

    after several hours the folks on our flight were loaded on a bus ,after having to go pick up our luggage, and we were given rooms at sunset beach in mobay. some were ok ours wasnt. if delta was honest about our flight we sure would have stayed at Swept Away another day instead of sunset beach.

    now the best part of our extra day was that we were told to be ready for pickup at 5 a.m. dang that blows...... well we never slept in the room we were in .2 twin beds....clean....but ummmm....not good.... so now it is 5....nothing......6 nothing....630 we got picked up and got back to mbj and if i hadnt kept our old boarding passes we would have had trouble checking back in for the new flight.

    dang we miss non stops out of stl and have one booked for 2012. hoping that one goes well

    we are nothing to the airlines these days. just income

    it's all about the kids

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    i'm not too happy with US Air for the same reason that you're unhappy with American lynnsfit .... We have no direct flights out of Kansas City to Mobay so always try to do the early US Air flight through Charlotte so we are at CN for a late lunch while we wait on our room .... Booked Monday to Monday coming up in 2 weeks & they cancelled the early flight to Charlotte (they didn't notify us - I just happened to check & see it ) so that puts us on the late flight from Charlotte to Mobay ..... Meaning that we won't get to the resort in time for the Repeaters cocktail party & dinner .... We may be there but won't have time to get "fixed up" to go .... NOT HAPPY AT ALL .... Trying to decide whether to take Timair to Negril to maybe give us time to make it for the repeaters party ...... Hubby doesn't think it's worth doing for the $$'s & maybe not get there in time to relax & get ready anyway .... I'd bought a new dress to wear so bummed to miss it.

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    Maxernie-same situation for us out of KC on US Airways. I made them change it so that we leave on the 6:40 flight out of KC the night before, we are spending the night in Charlotte at a cheap airport hotel and we depart Charlotte at 7:55am and arrive MB at 10:55. Totally worth it, only cost is 70 bucks for a hotel in Charlotte to pretty much get an extra day of vacation. Call them and be forceful and they will change you without a fee since they changed their schedule, just be insistant that the new times do not work for you.

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    I have to say that living in Canada although we probably don't get some of the deals as the US we have never had a problem with the airlines.
    We have flown both Air Canada and Westjet. All flights have been direct and decent times. Seat sales do come and one just has to be prepared and know when they want to go and watch for a sale. On a side note the first time we ever travelled with AC we had numerous problems and they compensated us very generously. Unfortunately the last few years their prices have been a bit out there so have gone with westjet and very pleased with prices and service.

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