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    Default I want a room near our friends

    Any one travel with another couple? We want to be in the same general area as each other. Any suggestion on how to request this?

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    You did not mention which resort you were staying at.
    We stayed at CSA, and it is not that spread out that it would
    make a difference.

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    We've traveled with others to CSS and CN and didn't have rooms near each other. We asked but they were not able to accommodate us. Not that they didn't try, it just wasn't possible.
    It turned out that it didn't make any difference anyway since both of those resorts are small enough that it was very easy to meet up.
    CSA is the largest of the resorts and, like Dorothy said, it really won't make a difference where you are. We would all usually end up at the entertainment at the end of the night and I enjoyed just walking back to our room with just my SO anyway. More romantic than a group.

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    We have traveled with our best friends for the past 11 years. I do not ever remember having a room close to each other.

    For a while we used to bring those 2 way radio things but somehow or another the radios always got on different channels at some point in the day. I guess this happened from being put in the beach bags.

    Anyway we have always found each other on the beach every day and had dinner together each night.

    At a place like Couples it is really nice to have a bit of separation.... even amongst friends!!

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    We went to CN with two other couples and we were all spread out and as it turned out, it really didn't matter. We spent all day, every day together and it was kind of nice to be by yourself for a little while.

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    We went to CSA this past Oct. with 2 other couples. When we arrived we ask to be in the same building.
    They did not have 3 rooms in the same building the first day. The very next day they moved us into a building together. They will do everything they can to accommodate your request.

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    My suggestion would be to make certain that you all booked under the same room category. We went with 3 other Couples in 2010 and all had Atrium rooms at CSA, we were within balcony talking distance of each other. Next April we all 4 couples booked beachfront Atrium, we will see how that works out. As others have stated, close is not Always better.



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    We were just at CN the beginning of this month and we went with another couple. Our travel agent told us she would e-mail CN and request rooms near each other and then she told us to mention that we wanted near each other when we check in. We did, and our rooms were in the same building and on the same floor. It was great.

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    We travel with our buddies Mel and Wayne almost everytime we go to Couples and usually have rooms at the opposite ends of CSS and never have a problem meeting up for meals, beach time, activities etc. All the resorts are small boutique style and you are never far enough away for it to be a problem. It might be difficult for Couples to have your rooms together because the resorts are small and usually mostly booked up. Just ask at check in and if possible they will grant your request.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We go with other couples never try to get rooms close, and usually don't. We don't spend time in the rooms anyway. We also never arranged times to meet, other then for supper. Amazingly we always ended up having breakfast and lunch together and also arrived at the beach about the same time. Relax mon.

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