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    Default Arriving early: where to store valuables?

    Our flight gets into MBJ at 9:30, so we'll be at CSA before noon on check-in day. Woo hoo! We'll likely have a few hours before we can get in our room and I'd love to het the beach as soon as possible, but am worried about keeping valuables safe then. We're not bringing laptops, expensive jewelery or anything like that, but obviously we'll have our passports, credit cards and a modest amount of cash. Is there anywhere that these items can be locked up until we can get them in the room's safe?

    Thanks so much!

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    There are lockers over in the sports complex - you will need to know your room number but that is all.

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    Great- just what I needed to know. Thanks!

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    The resort should have a common hotel safe. You could ask to place your items in it.

    What we usually do is just have a small back pack with us. We keep anything of value in it and keep it with us at all times before we get into the room. If you think you will get there at noon you can go have lunch which will take about an hour, then walk around and explore the property, have a few adult beverages while you sit at the bar and chillax. Before you know it your room will be ready!

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    I would keep them with you. They should fit in a beach bag.

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    CN has several lockers for this purpose. You don't need a room number to use one of them. I assume CSA is the same.
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