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    Default CSA in 2 days! Any advice???

    I'm starting to pack for our trip to CSA. I know there are lots of threads about this but it's hard searching through millions of posts. Anyone have any last minute advice (besides "have fun"!!) or things I might forget to pack?

    I can't waaaaaait!

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    Pack lots of suits, cover-ups/sundresses, and sun screen. Make sure to check out the Martini Bar above the Palms, do at least one snorkeling excursion, and walk the property at's so romantic. Enjoy! I'm so jealous.

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    Spend at least one whole day on the beach doing nothing!!!! Depending on room ear plugs, I am a light sleeper and the tree frogs are a little loud.

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    We leave on Sunday for our second visit to CSA! Pack a small umbrella, water shoes if you plan to climb falls, sunscreen !!, tip money for off the resort. We always pack a little pharmacy of antacids, allergy meds, bandaides, antibacterial ointment, etc. You can buy that stuff there if you want but very expensive. We take a flashlight to walk along the water at night (neat to see the fish) , hair conditioner.

    Make sure to visit Seagrapes for sweet potato chips, the Martini Bar , and the piano bar.

    See ya there

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    We'll see you there on the 19th! And be sure NOT to overdo it on the Bob Marleys....They've DEFINITELY got a kick, and if you have a long day of travel, you can find yourself on your butt very easily after even ONE!!

    Oh yes, and be sure your SO brings closed toe shoes, trousers and a collared shirt for at least one night at Feathers (and you should bring a shawl or sweater, as it can get cold in there)!

    Can't wait!!!!

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    We were there 3 weeks ago and never saw any bugs so don't worry about packing a ton of insect repellent ( I had bought the bug wipes and never used any). I also packed about $10 worth of small sunblock tubes, which took up a ton of room in our 2 - 1 qt. bags for our luggage. I still ended up buying 15spf sunscreen for myself at the resort as I had only packed 30 spf for my husband. It was $13 which I don't think is too much more than if I had bought it in the states. Make sure you go to the fitness center across the street, even if only to go to the juice bar. Great smoothies! Also, find the resort photographer or set up an appointment with one. No obligation to buy but they capture some great pictures for you! Have a great time!

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    Do the sunset catamaran cruise, eat in ALL the restaurants, try the swim up bar, and the watersports, it's all great.

    You will need way less clothes than you will take. I make the same mistake every time.

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