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    Default Direct flights from Missouri

    We have been to Couples the last two years and would love to return again next year. We are getting tired of the long trip with lay over in Atlanta though. I had heard of direct flights from STL but can't find it now. KC or STL would be fine as we are somewhat in the middle of MO. Any suggestions?

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    applevacations have them. they use usa 3000 now, but we are booked in january and it is frontier airlines. i guess they are switching to them. we have been going for a few yrs and have always had direct to montego bay.

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    Default STL Flight...

    The charter flights start back up on December 26th of this year and continue into next year until they stop them later in the year. Sometimes they fly them year round but unfortunally not this year. In going to Jamaica 14 times now this is the first time we have not had the direct charter flight from STL to MBJ. We are flying through North Carolina and hope all goes well. Good luck!

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    The only way to fly direct out of Missour is to do a charter. None of the major airlines have direct flights to MBJ out of KCI or St. Louis. We fly out of Kansas City, and leave the day before we are supposed to arrive at the resort, and do an overnight layover somewhere that does have a direct flight and take the earliest flight out. We are talking about doing that on our way back next year as well.

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    Same here Joe D... we have always used the non stop one way Charter and in a couple weeks, this will be our first time having a layover on the way to Jamaica. We're going thru Charlotte as well. Just no other way to do it unless you are flying when they are offering the charters and as you said, they aren't doing those but sparingly and certain dates.

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    Funjet has a charter flight out of St. Louis that departs and returns on Mondays. We did this last May, and it was wonderful!!! We did a "Park and Fly" at the Renaissance Hotel near the airport, which was also nice. It's only about a 3 1/2 hour flight.

    We just went on-line at and booked everything ourselves. In the past we have done all the research and then called a travel agent to do the booking for us. It's really pretty simple to do it on your own.

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    Thank you! Can you book just flight? And it seems quite a bit higher than before. Is that the norm for the charters?

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    Try Funjet. They always have a charter out of St Louis. We fly out in Jan and the airline is Sun Country. It has grreat flight times.

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    I'll look into funjet, thanks! And I found how to do just flight on apple. Now just gotta work on convincing hubby!

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    Yes it used to be like this, easy-peasy... unfortunately not anymore... the flights don't run every single week anymore. They are only offering the charter at select dates, like right now through Dec 26th you'll have to fly out of St Louis then go through another airport, we're going thru Charlotte. It's not a big deal, it's a quick layover in Charlotte, but we have always done the charter so we're spoiled.

    Funjet will be doing the charters late in December but not on a regular basis like in the past. The economy has hit this area of travel as well. So you have to search for when the charter will run, then if you can go those exact dates then you can book. If not, just add the layover thru Charlotte and it's not a big deal, but when you're used to just hoppin on the plane and getting off at Jamaica, it's a small bummer.

    So just wanted to get it out there that Funjet does not always have a charter straight to Jamaica out of St Louis anymore... they are picking and choosing their charter dates now and it's not every single week anymore...

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    We have a direct flight out of St. Louis on 3/12/12. It is through FunJet (Sun Country Airlines). We did the upgrade to First Class

    I think Apple Vacations flies direct on Saturdays around that time.

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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