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    Default question on minibar

    are there snacks in the Atrium suite minibar or just liquids...
    can you get a bottle of Baileys in your minibar.....Jamaican coffee and baileys,mmmmmm!

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    It's full liter bottles of vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey; bottles of red, white, and sparkling wine;Carib beer, and Miller Lite, if you write it in on the order card; Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ting (kid of a Jamaican version of Squirt crossed with non-sugar-free Fresca); OJ, pineapple juice, Clamato; and probably a few others I'm forgetting. No snacks and no liquers, Although, you should bring a cup of rum cream from the bar and leave it in your mini-fridge. It's like Bailey's made with rum instead of Irish whiskey.

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    just liquids in minibar. we would also have liked baileys but unfortunately not on list for minibars. rum,vodka,whisky,gin and wines with soft drinks,beer and water.

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    I recall from our trip three years ago that you can, if it's available, request different types of liquor be stocked in your minibar. Can't remember if there were any snacks but we usually brought a few items back to our room from the Palms dessert area. Just remember that you need to clean up well or you'll be visited by small creatures in search of a delicious meal themselves.
    We're returning to CSA in 16 days and are counting the hours until we return home.
    Good luck with your request and enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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    No snacks but try the Sangsters rum cream. Don't think you can get it in the minibar but you can get it at the other bars. If you like Bailey's you will probably like rum cream. It's great just over ice.

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    There are no snacks in the minibar. I believe you may be able to get a bottle of Jamaican rum cream (similar to Baileys, but arguably better for blue mountain coffee). If you haven't tried it yet, it is a must!

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    Well we managed to obtain rum cream in our mini bar last year at CSS. Just ask, they can only say 'no' but it suspect that they will provide as requested. It isn't Bailey's but my wife seemed to enjoy it (a lot!)

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    Thanks to all for your input, looking forward to that Rum Cream!
    Only 52 more days!!!

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    HEHEHEHEH....You sound just like us! When we were at CTI this past August I asked nicely every day and wrote on the request card for Baileys for the mini-bar. Unfortunately it was never supplied.

    We are heading to CSA and maybe CN this August. I think we will be taking our own bottle of Baileys for pre-dinner 'getting together'. Well one bottle may not be enough........

    BTW....we have tried Rum Cream instead of Bailey's. IMO Rum Cream tastes like Diesel Fuel....YUCK!

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