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    Default Friday Shipwreck Beach Party: 9:15pm - CSA

    Would anyone be able to tell us about the Friday Shipwreck Beach Party at CSA? Is there a buffet, dancing and music?

    Just curious as I have not read much about what goes on during this Shipwreck Party.

    Thank you,
    Bern & Bob

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    We were there 2 yrs ago, (going back tomorrow!!) Lots of tables set up on the beach (you will see it) There was tons of food tables , they were cooking the jerk all day , you could smell it! There was a dessert table, a great coffee table , kegs of bevvies. There was entertainment (although where we were sitting we couldn't see much of it) They had steel drums, limbo, etc.

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    It's all of that. I have seen a steel drum band that was awesome, other bands, fire eaters, contortionists. They have a huge buffet and bars set up. You can wherever you want if you feel like it. It really is a good time and not to be missed.

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    It is a buffet that is set up on the beach. There are several food and beverage stations. The tables are set up on the beach also. There is music, and people can dance in the sand if you like.

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    Thank you for your reply. We will be looking forward to it.

    Bern & Bob

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    Bring some bug spray! We are at CSA now and the sand fleas are nasty at dusk and dawn. I went out on the
    beach to take pictures of the sunset last night for less than 5 minutes and now have several ITCHY bites. I'll
    spray down well before Friday's beach party.
    Otherwise, life is good in paradise!!

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    Bob especially enjoys the coffee table at the buffet. They have all sorts of yummy liquors to add to the coffee, including Tia Maria and Rum Cream. Yum!

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