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    Default Help. Trying to sign up for romance rewards

    I just tried to sign up for the Romance Rewards. We are coming to CN for the first time in Dec. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks

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    At the bottom of each web page you will see a listing of options, one is Romance Rewards. Click on it, fill out the needed info, and you are done ! Not sure if the link will work, but here it is :

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    Question: When talking about romance rewards are you given something higher than the "first love" category AFTER your first inital stay? We are staying for 7 nights/8days & weren't sure if we'd be classified as "young love". Also we purchased our trip with the 300$ resort credit. When does that apply to our account so that we can sign up for dinner on the island (CTI)


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    To anyone else trying this it seems that the New Member signup does not work in Google Chrome.

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