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    Default Best way to call/contact home while at CSA....

    We will be at CSA in 3 weeks We are leaving behind two kids here in Alabama with the grandparents. I am sure they will be fine but we will need to check in a couple of times. What is the cheapest way to call home from Jamaica. I checked with my cell phone carrier (AT & T) and there plan is $1.69 a minute. Would it be better to get a prepaid calling card? I also read that they have internet access so I guess we could email them. Just wanted some thoughts on what others have done.


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    Good to see someone else from Alabama will be at CSA in December. Come on over to the December 2011 meetup thread and meet the rest of us. Post your travel dates and I'll add you to the spreadsheet of guests at CSA in December.
    We also have to contact our kids and grandkids while we are at CSA. We used to use the Justtalk cards that can be purchased in the CSA gift shop. Now, we use an iPad or iPhone with Skype. Since the resort installed wifi, we have never had a problem getting internet in our room.
    Hope to see you soon.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    We brought our laptop, and kept in touch via facebook. If you dont have one you can bring they have computers there, included in cost. We figured if we need to talk to them we could buy a call card once there.

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    I'm at CSA now and am using an iPad on our porch.
    Works great!

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    My wife uses her iPhone...but uses a Skype account. When we were in Negril in the spring, she calle home every day for about a buck and a half.

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