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    Default Excursions near CTI?

    Can anyone post a list of excursions/activities off (but not too far from) CTI? We would be interested in a list of what is available in the area and which ones seem most worthwhile.

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    Off the top of my head, within 30-45 min or so you have

    - Dunns River (included and one of Jamaica's premiere attractions)
    - Enchanted Gardens (beautiful property with 14 small waterfalls)
    - Dolphin Cove (interactive dolphin swim if that's your thing)
    - Mystic moutain (pricey, but you can do bobsled, skytrams and i think zip cording)
    - Coyaba Museum/River (pretty and peaceful place to learn about some of the history of the area)
    - White river tubing (tubing down a river, not as fast as it sounds )
    - Chukka cove (horseback riding, zip cording and some other ATV type tours)
    - Green Grotto Caves
    - Firefly (noel coward estate, phenomenal views one of my favs )

    i'm sure i've forgotten a few places, but that's probably more than enough to get your started


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