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    Default First time to cn, any advice on travel?

    We are coming to CN for first time. We are traveling American Airlines. No direct flights. They have already changed our flights/times. Yikes. Any advice for making our travel easier? And what time to we have to leave resort on last day? How early should we be at MBJ before flight? Is there a free shuttle from MBJ to the resort when we get there? Are signs easy to read? Has anyone used UPS to send their luggage to avoid losing it with the plane?

    THanks so much! )

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    The resort will tell you what time the shuttle is leaving for MoBay, its usually enough time to get to the airport and have lunch there while you wait. Your there in plenty of time. Yes there's a shuttle from MoBay to the resort, Once you get through customs go check in at the Couples lounge and they'll take it from there. Yes the signs are easy to read at the airport. Bring small bills if you plan on tipping the luggage carriers and the shuttle driver. The hardest thing for 1st timers is not to overpack. A pair of slacks and a shirt with a collar for dinners ,a couple swim suits and t-shirts, and a pair or two of shorts if you plan on going into town.
    Have fun and enjoy!! Couples is the best when it comes to relaxing. We'll be back the 1st week of Dec. for the 8th time.

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    Traveling internationally always is a bit nerve-racking for me as well, but there is hope! Couples will take care of you getting back to the airport. Getting out of the US with connecting flights, well, there isn't much to be done except packing a few essentials in your carry-on just in case and remembering you will get to paradise so it's all worth it!

    We are leaving upstate NY in February, so wearing a fleece and jeans to Jamaica is fine in Philadelphia, but not cool in MBJ. I pack a swimsuit, coverup/convertible dress (he takes a T and shorts), pair of sandals, essential toiletries, a change of undergarments and my sunglasses. I could survive a few days with that if my luggage lagged behind. There will also be a fair number of people who manage to only pack in carry-on luggage (I am not one of them, but it can be done). Make the most of your guy and his carry-on + personal item allotment!

    Departure Day Couples will send you a departure letter telling you what time to have your luggage outside your room for pick-up and what time your free shuttle will depart the resort (tips are ok for the driver and baggage guys at the airport). They give you plenty of time to clear the customs line and for traffic to MBJ. The signs at MBJ are easy to navigate, from airline check-in/luggage drop off to the gates and duty-free shopping. We usually have 1 1/2 + hours at the airport before our flight leaves, which is time to shop and get one last Jamaican lunch before accepting we have to return to reality.

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    Once you clear immigrations and customs, it is very easy to find the Couples lounge, walk down the hallway and when you get to the main area look left, you will see couples. They will provide you with transportation to and from the resort. They will also tell you when you need to leave the resort, which is usually about 4 - 5 hours before your flight, it is about an 1 and 15 to 1 and a half hours from the airport to the resort. Other then a tip to the driver the shuttles are free. Take about half as much as you think you will need and you will be fine. Never have used UPS so I can't help you there. Biggest thing is to relax once you get to the lounge, have a red stripe or other beverage and begin to be spoiled.

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    The resort has a area at the airport where they have you sign in, and assign a bus to take you to the airport. They do all the arangements. It is very easy process. You just need to tip the gentleman taking your bags to the bus. The resort will put a note in your room a couple of days before departure telling you what time to set your bags out and what time you need to get on the bus back to the airport. They usually get you there at least 2 hours before your flight. I have never used UPS to send my luggage -- we have never had issues with lost bags. We have been to CN 5 times.

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    After you arrive, get your checked bags, and make it through customs, you head down to the Couples lounge at the airport for free beer, water and soda, and to check in for your shuttle to the resort. The shuttle is included, but you should tip the driver, because he is not a Couples employee. The drive is pretty scenic and takes about 1hr 20mins, unless nobody needs to stop for a potty break, which can shorten it by about 15 mins. As for departure, the resort sets up the shuttle back to MBJ, also included, and it can leave a minimum of about 4 hrs before your flight, becasue they are very cautious about missing flights. Depending on when you take off, you may leave the resort pretty early that last day, maybe 8-9a? Also tip the driver on the way back. As for UPS, we've never tried and probably never will. I worked there for a short time after high school, and I definitely trust the handling of luggage by baggage handlers over package handlers any day of the week. Plus, your baggage will change hands way more often through a package carrier than it will through an airline. #justsayin

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    Make sure to pack a swim suit and a versatile change of clothes (along with any jewelry, makeup, cameras and medications) in your carry-on in case luggage is lost. That way, you will be comfortable and can go to the beach/dinner etc. regardless of whether your luggage arrives with you. We have had our luggage lost on a couple of occasions--being prepared makes all the difference! Worst case scenario, it should catch up to you in 24 hours or so. I don't recommend UPS, it is expensive and I don't think that reliable in JA. Most likely, your luggage will arrive with you. If not, fill out the missing luggage form and go to the couples desk and have a Red Stripe (no problem).

    After you clear customs, head directly to the Couples lounge in the airport, it will be to your left at you walk out of customs. They will get you on your shuttle to CN. They usually have you leave the resort 4 hours before your flight (we always arrive at the airport way earlier than necessary, so don't worry about that).

    Most of all relax and have fun. Remember in Jamaica there are not problems, only situations. :-)

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    Where and when are you going? Relax. Really all goes smoothly once you get to Jamaica. We check one medium bag (we bring a lot of sunscreen) and bring a carry-on. In the carry-on I have all the important things if my checked bag gets lost....bathing suits, change of clothes, tooth brush and medicines. I'm sure others while chime in on this, but pack MUCH less than you think you'll need. Last year when we went back, I back half of what I packed the first time and still didn't use all of it. Your in your bathing suits most of the day. We take a med suitcase and a carryon.

    There is a shuttle back and they will give you the time you should leave based on information you give them about flight home at check in.

    You'll gonna love Couples

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    The resort arranges the shuttle back to the airport. You will get all that information with your eviction notice and comment card. Yes there is a free shuttle to the resort, just head for the Couples Lounge, grab a cold Red Stripe and relax!!! We don't bother with sending luggage UPS. Better to take your chances with AA. Most of all, carry a pen, and have some patience!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    After you get your luggage at MBJ airport there is a couples lounge, just check in have a quik beer and potty break and they will provide you with free shuttle to CN. The resort will also provide you with a free shuttle and the departure time back to MBJ. It is about 90 minutes each way, but goes by fast.

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    There will be transportation from the airport to CN for you and also from CN to the airport when you depart. It is included with your trip. The CN staff will let you know what time to be in the lobby on your last day to get you to the airport in plenty of time. We had not problems with our luggage on our two trip so CN. Have fun and relax.

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    Can't help on the AA side but once you arrive you proceed to the couples lounge (passed immigration and luggage collection) and relax! Couples shuttle you to your resort and will tell you the day before you leave what time they will shuttle you back to the airport when you leave. They will get you there 3 hourse before flight as the airport recommends this. It's about 1.5 - 2 hours transfer depending on your resort.
    As for UPS never done this - lost luggage is a rare occurrence and if it does happen is rectified in a day or two. Just put some bits for the beach in your carry on and assume the best.
    Have a great time!


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    Thank you everyone for all the great advice!! My plane lands at 5:30 pm so not sure if there will be scenic view. It must be awesome there though, 8 x's??? Wow. So excited!!! Thanks again! :d

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    I just have to say that we have ben to CN 7 times with connecting flights always and we have never had our luggage lost. I'm not saying it can't happen but we do not take carry on luggage either. I take a back pack purse that holds our bathing suits(most important things) Also, it is VERY common for your flight times to be changed.As a matter of fact, it happens every time we fly. Do not worry. You are going to have the time of your life!

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    It is a little thing, but it helps so much. Carry a pen so you can fill out the customs and immigration forms on the plane. It makes a BIG difference.

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