I am very interested in Couples for our 15th anniversary next year. I am intrigued by the AN aspect of most of the resorts. However my wife is very reserved/conservative/modest (prudish) when it comes to her being nude. I think she's hot and feel she should "flaunt what she's got" in spite of her own self-image. I am very proud of my "catch". If anyone should be self conscious, it is I with my average to sub-average equipment. One of our adult, all-inclusive searches yielded a nudist resort. My wife joked that it would be lots of senior men leering at her and many hot young women for me to drool over. I know it would be no such luck on my part. Besides, I like the idea of us being free and basking nude on the beach together. This would be one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities with people you most likely won't ever see again. My concern is about how integrated the AN aspect is with Couples. If my wife has no interest, can we go on about our vacation without giving it any thought. Or is it so pervasive that she will be "freaked out" and it will ruin our vacation?
Thanks for any insight!