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    Is there spinning bikes on the resort?
    If Yes, are they with click in pedals?

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    We were at CTI in August. They had 10 new Spinning (Spinner NXT, if I remember correctly) bikes in the yoga studio pushed against the wall. The first couple of days of our stay, Spinning was listed on the daily activity board, but no one (other than myself) showed up for the class or to lead it. I just pulled a bike out into the middle of the floor and rode, listening to my ipod. The remainder of the week, Spinning did not appear on the daily activities list at all. A beautiful room, great equipment, but no plan. We're going back to CTI in April - hope there's a plan by then.
    The bikes have toe clips and straps on one side of the pedal, and SPD clipless on the other side.
    Actually, there's a photo or two in our August CTI gallery (link below).

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    Yes there are. I can't remember if they have click in (i think they may) but they definitely have cages on one side if you don't have click in shoes.

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