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    Default Couples Swept Away - Atrium Rooms

    Hello everyone! We have officially booked our 5 year anniversary vacation at Couples Swept Away where we had our honeymoon.

    This time we're staying in the Atrium rooms as opposed to the Beachfront Verandah.

    How is the sound there? Do you hear noise from the road, lobby or restaurants? Any thoughts on 1st or 2nd floor, or a specific room that's great.

    Oh, I wish it was already April!

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    Based on my last stay, I would say that the road noise completely depends upon the room you end up getting. My first year we were closer to the Palms and heard no road noise while being far enough away from the restaurant to have any noticeable noise coming from there either. It was a great spot.

    This year, our first room was adjacent to the wedding gazebo on the side closer to the road and the noise was definitely an issue for us. We relocated to the opposite side of the courtyard and it was awesome! No noise and had a beach view. Amazing room.

    Between upstairs and downstairs, depends on your preference. We did hear our neighbors above us as they played music pretty loudly and seemed to have friends on the resort as they would call out to people from their balcony. Advantage of the upstairs is less noise and vaulted ceilings. Advantage of downstairs, the ability to walk straight out to to paths and more so, the breakfast delivery is straight to your patio rather than to the front door. I prefer downstairs.

    Either way, specific room numbers won't do you much good as you can't request specific rooms. I made a request to be downstairs through my TA and that request was accommodated (but we were also there during a slower period). Can't hurt to ask, but just know that they won't be guaranteed.

    Congrats on your anniversary!
    Team Leegion

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    We will be at CSA for the 6th time @ the end of Nov.,and have always stay in the Atrium rooms. We prefer to top floor because we don't like to hear the footsteps above us. We were not disturbed by road noise. We love the secluded Caribbean feeling of these rooms. They don't have a hotel feeling (like the new hotel onsite).
    Counting the days!!! Can't wait to go "back home".

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    Only noise we heard in mid-October was the waves (there was plenty of surf) and the peepers.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    While you're correct about not being able to request a specific room, it is helpful to know when you check in if you're getting a not-so-desirable room so you can perhaps make a change right then and there, rather than having to see the room, perhaps even stay in it for a night and then find out there's a problem. That being said, since you had such a great room after your were relocated, could you let me know what room it was and/or building #? Your input would be immensely helpful!!


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