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    Default What rooms fit this description at CSA?

    My wife and I have been to CSA before, it it has been a while and there have been many changes. Can anyone give some room info please?
    What rooms meet these criteria? :
    1) Are not close to the road
    2) Have real glass windows (in addition to the shutters)
    3) Have a TV
    Does this only exclude the older Atrium Rooms and the Garden Suites?

    Other stuff:
    I think I understand that all rooms have A/C and Stocked Mini Bars. Is that correct?
    Do all rooms have ceiling fans?
    What is the real difference between Great House rooms and others? (I realize they are in the Great House, but what is that like and how is it different?)

    Thanks much!

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    We stayed in the Beachfront verandah suite and it meets all of those requirements. I'm not sure if all of the rooms have ceiling fans, but I do know as of August/September 2011 all rooms now have mini bars. Our room was right on the beach and close to the bar - it was perfect!

    The great house rooms are just that, over the great house where Patios, the piano bar, and the nightclub are. From what I have researched, they also have a hallway taking you to your room rather than open walkways like the other rooms do!

    Hope that helps - you can't go wrong no matter what room you are in!!

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    Basically the only two differences between the great house and the other rooms is that they are in the larger building and unless you get a Jacuzzi suite room the only windows in your room are the doors leading to the verandah. They contain everything that the other rooms do.

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    I think that the beachfront verandah suites and the ocean verandah suites best fit your requirements. We usually stay in the BFVS, but were upgraded to the greathouse jacuzzi suite in January when our room category was not available. We liked staying in the Greathouse, but it is a completely different vibe from staying in the BFVS. The Greathouse has more of a "hotel" feel. We did like being so close to the computer lounge, since we don't travel with our computer on vacations. However, there is nothing like being RIGHT ON THE BEACH like in the BFVS rooms.

    I'm not sure if all of the rooms have ceiling fans, but all of the "verandah suite" rooms have fans on the verandahs.

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