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    Default CSA Garden Verandah rooms questions

    Hey! 19 days left before we head to CSA!

    Which block of Garden Verandah suites are the newer ones away from the road? Any suggestions welcomed, just getting an idea what to ask for - look out for when we get to the resort.


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    If you want one of the newer ones, ask for one with a bath/shower combo (the older ones just have a shower). When we've walked past them, all of the newer ones seem about the same distance from the road.

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    Hi firewoman,
    We'll be at CSA the same time as you. We're arriving on Dec. 3rd with two other couples. We've also booked garden verandah suites and hope to get into the four buildings closest to the Greathouse. The older sections of buildings are a little further from the road and they've now upgraded those garden suites to the verandah class. Supposedly they now have glass in the windows, mini bars and TVs. We stayed in one of those rooms the first night of our trip three years ago, before getting moved to the ocean verandah room we had booked. We liked the newer room better but they may get more road noise since they are slightly closer to the road. In any event we'll be in paradise and too tired from the days events for it to affect our sleep. If you go to the Swept Away page at the top and click on the accomodations tab on the left side, click on the "view" for the garden verandah suite and you'll get the upgraded room view and if you click on the ocean verandah suite you'll get the newer side room layout. The map will show you where the rooms are located. The original garden verandah rooms are in the four buildings to the right along the road closest to the greathouse. The upgraded rooms are on the left of those buildings along the road. I know that this is confusing but I hope it helps. Eighteen days to go but who's counting? If you see us there say hello.
    Steve and Barbara
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    They all are at the back of the resort about the same distance from the road. If you want a newer one, ask for one closer to the Greathouse. Keep your bathroom window closed and you will be fine. 2 minute walk to the beach, love that room!

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    I'd go for the ones that are behind the OVS's that are right in front of the hot tub. Those are the newer ones and are centrally located on the resort. Go for a third floor corner room. Also, you can ask the person who is checking you in for a newer room that is furthest from the road. Since they know the resort layout, they could help get you in the right room. Good luck. You are going to love CSA. It ROCKS!!!!

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