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    My wife and I would like to know if anyone has heard how Elkie is doing and when she had her baby, and what she named it.?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Doug & Karen

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    Elkie and baby are doing fine. The baby was born on Oct 1st. She named him Lamar.


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    Doug & Karen

    From a previous thread

    Originally Posted by Maxernie

    Elkie is not at work any more .... Had to take off a little ahead of scheule .... .
    Happy Birthday to Elkie!! (10/2 is her birthday and possibly her new boy's as well???)

    We saw her at CN the afternoon of Sun 9/18 and she did say that was probably going to be her last day before maternity leave instead of the planned Thur 9/22 because her feet were so swollen.
    From jamaica06 - Elkie had her baby boy on October 1st

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    Baby boy Lamar, born Oct 1, 2011.
    See this thread for more:

    She also has some pictures of Lamar on facebook.

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    Elkie & her new little boy are doing fine last I heard ... He was born around the first week of October ... Think his name is Lamar. She had pix on Facebook & he is a cutie.

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