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    What do you do for lunch between 2:30 and 6:30 if you are just arriving at the resort from the airport? Is there anywhere to eat? Based on flight information we should arrive at the resort around 2:30 or after, I don't think I can wait until 6:30 to eat. Thanks for any advise.

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    You head to the beach grill and enjoy.

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    I am not sure what resort you are going to but all of the Couples resorts have a "grill" that is generally open all of the time. We always head to the grill or veggie bar at CTI when our room is not ready. The grill serves burgers, salads, and jerk chicken so you will not go hungry.

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    Yes, that is just the buffet that is closed for lunch at 2:30... you just go to the beach grill and get whatever you want anytime.

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    Beach Grill is open, plenty there to hold you till supper.

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    Beach grill at most sites....if you are at CSS, room service or beach grill!
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    Every resort has a restaurant open at all times. No worries mon.

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    It would help it you could let us know where you will be staying. If CSS or CTI, I believe you can order room service. Also at CSS you can go to the Beach Grill for a late lunch.

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    All the resorts have a "grill" that you can order from until about 5. CTI also has the veggie bar and you can still get food at the Patio until about 4. CTI and CSS also have room service.

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    You don't say which resort you'll be at but each resort has a beach grill you can get some lunch at.

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    If you're going to CSA... Seagrapes!

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