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    Default Lemongrass Restaurant

    Booked CSA for April - first timer. The Lemongrass Restaurant looks beautiful and I would love to try it. I understand Thai food is spicy which I can"t eat. Anything on the menu that is not spicy. Can't wait to get there!

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    It depends on what you consider spicy... but we did not find it spicy at all. Your server will be able to help you out. It is worth trying! If it's too much for you , you can always grab something later at The Palms!

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    There are several things on the menu that aren't spicy at all - the hot wings, spring rolls, soups, etc. Definitely don't skip it just because you are worried you will find something too spicy. I'm sure if there is something you want on the menu, they can always put the sauces on the side or change the hotness for you. It's an amazing restaurant, we ate there three times on our last trip! Enjoy, no worries mon!

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    I can not do spicy food as well. We just visited last week and I can reassure you there are options on the menu that are not spicy. Very tasty!

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    Thanks! I'm so glad they have options on the menu that are not spicy with my lousy stomach. Looking forward to dinner at the Lemongrass. I cant believe I'm hooked on this website and I still have 4 months to go before my trip.

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    I cannot eat spicy food, either, and I've always found plenty of options at Lemongrass. Lemongrass is not strictly a Thai restaurant, it is more of an Asian Fusion cuisine. Do not miss the appetizer sampler! So yummy!

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    They will tone it down if you want the food less spicy...

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    I am going April as well and am already dreaming of the Appetizer sampler and the Pad Thai noodles . Get a table on the patio and enjoy.

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