Thank you to Mona who so graciously asked me to call their room at CTI and read this letter to Rob.


"My Dearest, My Love,
I know this is a bit of a surprise. You certainly weren't expecting to be sitting on the phone right now, were you? I couldnít let the opportunity pass by to do something special for you.
The night is young and there is more in store. So please, sit down and listen to what Randy has to say.

20 years ago today is a moment in time I will never forget. This day is permanently etched in my mind as the beginning of one of the greatest love stories I have ever known began to unfold.
I remember how this day started. I had met a wonderful boy the night before. As I sat in Rachel's living room, turning this little piece of green paper over and over in my hands, I couldnít help but think I had found The One. Here was someone who shared my hopes and dreams and was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever had the good fortune to find. From your beautiful blue eyes to the way you smiled at me, the way we spoke and laughed and smiled at each other, I was absolutely positively hooked. And on that little piece of green paper was your name and your phone number written in pencil. I remember thinking, Should I call him? Should I try? It was all very scary because at 17 years old, everyone said, "you are too young, you can't possibly find your forever so soon.
It will never last." My heart refused to listen and I spent that day on a cloud, absolutely Nothing could have brought me down from it. So I called. You can't imagine the butterflies I had! Thankfully it was made easier because I didnít have to talk to you right then, Instead, I left a message for you that I would be there where we met that night and hoped you would be too. When you showed up, my heart leapt into my throat and I don't think it left that position for the rest of the night. I remember curling up with you in that chair in the corner, in your lap and we never left that spot for the rest of the night. For 6 hours we sat together and whispered and shared our innermost selves and of course, our first kiss. I remember thinking you were the most perfect kisser and I could melt just from your lips on mine. My heart did melt, right then and there. And I KNEW. I knew I had found the man I wanted to grow old with, make babies with, share every hurt and happiness that came our way. As long as I was with you, the world was ours to be had, every joy it had to offer. And here we are, 20 years later, older, wiser, with a lot of grey hairs and wrinkles and a few assorted scars, in this place we love so much, to celebrate our lives together, woven in a vibrant tapestry of memories I wouldnt trade for The Crown Jewels and you know me and jewelry so, hey thatís a LOT!

I want to thank you for all of the beautiful memories the last twenty years have held. From our first little place in North Carolina, to saying "I DO" in the silliest little chapel in Dillon. Oh you were SO nervous that day! You looked like you carried the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. But I am here to tell you it wasnít the weight of the world. It was simply the weight of my Love for you. I was so sure and steady in that moment. Because I knew there was nothing more perfect or right that I would ever do in my life than to become your wife. Being your wife has been the most incredible gift you could ever give me. The second most incredible gift was making me the mother of your children. I remember watching our son sleep in your arms as the sunlight of a new day crossed the window in the hospital and in that instant I gave you the most perfect gift I could ever give to you, too. I gave you a family that would never leave you or hurt you or walk away from you and that was exactly what was going through my mind. That no matter what, we would be together forever. And as our family grew, as days turned into weeks and then into years, as one job turned into another, and then into a career and a business, we have had the priviledge of growing old together, just like I had hoped we would. Our dreams are playing out before us, each and every day. I cannot imagine it being any other way than standing beside you, hand in hand, facing whatever will come. I knew that as long as we had each other and our Love to see us through, there was nothing we couldnt accomplish.

For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...I don't think at the time we spoke them, we knew just what they would come to mean, did we? We almost lost everything. We almost lost each other. I almost lost my life. But the commonality to those things is Almost. I would like to think that Love pulled us through. That our faith in each other pulled us through. You have been there for me all the times I have been sick. Caring for me, supporting me, bullying me when I needed it, too. Your broken back, our son's burns, our daughters' trials and tribulations. Each one, another beautiful thread woven together to show us what growing old together really means, something those two kids couldnít even fathom yet. You have supported me in everything I have ever done. You have spent nights driving horse trailers instead of sleeping because your wife insisted on saving yet another tortured soul. You have fed extra mouths because I wanted to help just one more child not feel as alone and lost as I did growing up. You have given me great pleasure and beautiful jewels to make my eyes sparkle. You have done all of this out of love for me and it is astonishing to think anyone would give of themselves so completely for my silly whims and stupid dreams. You have stood by me as I have gone through some of the greatest hurts a human can suffer and still survive, never turning your back on me, never leaving me because it was too hard or too much or I was too demanding of your time or attention. Your soul is beautiful and its beauty is only matched by the kindness of your heart. I could never have imagined, sitting in that chair that night, what our lives would bring. On that night they were only dreams of what was to come.

So, here I am today, knowing what that future would hold and it is Beautiful! and it is because I believed in you and believed in what two stupid crazy kids could do if they just followed their hearts.
Not a moment goes by that I am not thankful for having you in my life all of these years. I have found a joy and love in you that I had never thought possible. Now I know anything is possible as long as I just keep holding your hand. And if the first twenty years with you are any indication, the next twenty will bring the most amazing gifts our way and I look forward to each and every one.

And now, there is a gift I would like to give to you. I have set up dinner on the Island for us along with this love letter. So please, go get ready, our Future Awaits and it is time for another thread to be woven in.

With all of My Love, My Heart, and My Soul, Your Wife, Mona"