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    Default Photography dilemma CSA

    Hello all!

    We are getting married at CSA 6/22/12 and I cannot decide what to do for photography. I am trying to decide between using the resort photographer then just paying to put images on a CD (quoted at starting price of $50 for 5 images) or just getting an album OR hiring an outside photographer, Misha Earle.

    Does anyone have any advice? Also I would appreciate if anyone is willing to send me some pics taken by the CSA resort photographer or by Misha Earle. my e-mail is, or facebook me Jaimie Lex.


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    Hiya. We have decided to use the resort photographer just as its easier than instructing someone from outside the resort.

    However, they don't use digital cameras they use film cameras as they provide you with the negatives so if you pay to have then put on a cd they will most likely just be scanned in on a cd and may be a lesser quality than you were looking for.

    I know that it's a bit more expensive but we are going to get them printed with the photographers package of photos and then, because they give you the negatives, you can get them put on a cd with excellent quality when you get back home ( I have found websites that will do it for 5p (uk) per picture which is a far cry from $20 with the resort photographer).

    Plus with the negatives you can blow them up as big as you like!

    Hope this helps

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    Thank you for your help!

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    Default Photography

    I am getting married 12/19/11 and I decided to go with Stacey Clarke Photography. At first I want Misha Earle becuase I loved the pictures I had seen by her but Stacey Clarke does just as good at a much cheeper price. I have booked with Stacey Clarke for 3 hours and I will get around 300 photos on a cd. The resort photographer will charge you about 300 for 25 photos.

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    Congrats on your marriage! How did your photos turn out with stacey? I am in the same boat as others trying to decide what to do about wedding package and photographer! Any input would be fantastic!

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    Got married there 3 years ago and used the resort photographer. He did use a digital camera!! .Im 100% sure. Our photos were available to see the next day on a monitor to view. He did a great job. We also had another guest follow him around and take the same shots with our camera so all in all we had tons of photos. We brought the CD home and had photos made up. The resort also gave us a nice leather bound album to take home with us.

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    We are getting married May 22, 2012 at CSA. We are you using Diana Campbell from Her price is great she works with all budgets. I can't wait for May 22nd

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    My vote is for Stacey Clarke. Even if you're not going with Stacey (who is truly amazing), I would suggest an outside photographer.

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    Did everyone with an outside photographer have to pay a $500 fee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abarr View Post
    Did everyone with an outside photographer have to pay a $500 fee?
    Yes, but Stacy Clark pays half of it.
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    I am getting married at CN in October and decided to go with Diana and Richard Cambell. I got a very quick phone call from Diana after I emailed her regarding her packages and prices. She is soooo sweet and will work with your budget. She was one of the cheapest outside photogrophers that I found. She will include the $500 fee in her price. I have heard many people on these boards rave about her, so I think I made the right decision. You get A LOT more for your money going with an outside photographer vs the resort photographer! Good luck and have a great time! Congrats!

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    Thanks for the info - I will check them out!

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