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    Default How many couples are typically at SSB at CSS?

    We are looking forward to our first trip to CSS and are planning on enjoying SSB as much as possible. How many couples are typically in the area on a give day?

    Thanks so much for the counsel!


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    Quote Originally Posted by funinthesungirl View Post
    We are looking forward to our first trip to CSS and are planning on enjoying SSB as much as possible. How many couples are typically in the area on a give day?

    Thanks so much for the counsel!

    What dates are u going?

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    That's one of those questions that can't be anwswered as it changes every day of every week year round. It depends who is there really. We have been to CSS 6 times and have been at SSB where there were only three couples and other times it was full where no lounge chairs were available. Usually its a comfortable amout of people and being its a large area, everyone has their own space to keep to themselves if they wish. Even when "full", its never crowded.

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    10-15 would be my guess

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    We have only been once to Sans Souci, but we spent most every day on SSB. We were there the first week of December in 2009 and will return this December 4th for another great week.
    While we were there, it seemed to be about 10 couples around the pool and probably another 15 - 20 couples on the beach. So probably between 40 and 50 people each day. Most days it was pretty deserted until about 11 am, but then everyone was there until 5 when the beach was open to everyone for sunset. If you want a lounger by the pool, you probably will need to be there by 10 or so because those tend to go first.
    See you there!!!

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    Mid July 2011
    In six trips to SSB, it was the busiest we have ever seen it. I counted 19 couples.

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    I would agree with the above posters.
    It is really variable from week to week and from day to day

    We were there the week before BigWille in July (Hey BW)
    A couple of times there were only 8 people there, other times there were close to 40
    It was slower in the AM, especially after a big night (a late night at the beach bar with Bob Marley's and croaking frogs does not lead to an early morning!)


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    While it changes day to day I know for sure the week of 12/3 to 12/10 there will be one couple there

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    Make that at least two couples there 12/3 to 12/10. Yay.

    David and Pat

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    Add a third a couple on 12/3 - 12/10. We will be there too. Actually, check out the 2 threads for December. I believe there will be a few more.

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    It all depends on the week. If the younger crowd is high during your week then SSB will not be busy, the old group, it will be more busy. No mater, busy or not you will have a great time.
    Irie Mon

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    We just returned from SSB and I noticed that the number of couples has been increasing since our last visits. It appears that the closing of Braco has something to do with it. Also, Monday's and Wednesday's appear the most crowded when the people from Tower Island come over. This past week they decided to send over an extra bartender on M, W and Friday because of the crowds. Poor Jhanel was getting overwhelmed plus they ran out of ice, tonic water, ting and beer on one day. Overall, I'd say that the couples run between 15 to 30.

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    Hi Jim and Cathy!! Hope you had a great time at CSS! WOW, sounds like it's getting busy at SSB. That's hard on Jheanel when it gets like that. We're hoping it slows down a little before we get there at the end of December. Hopefully our paths will cross again at CSS and SSB sometime in the near future! Take care!

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    1-2-3-4-15 or more....the more the merrier

    and now I can say ....11 days is getting so close I can see it from here .....

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    Took a quick count on Monday, Dec 5. There were 56 people on SSB (including pool area) just after lunchtime. There were only about 8-10 loungers empty. It was a very social crowd.


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    We just got back home. Sigh. Most days we were at SSB, there were some seats left but not many. We had started out the first morning at the main pool bar, but it was pretty quiet... we soon found that the AN side was the more lively of the two. Still plenty of room though.

    To everyone we met last week, hi from David and Pat and we hope to see you again soon.

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