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    Default Secret rendezvous?

    Anyone book or complete a sr lately?if so, where did you go?

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    Anyone? I'm curious about recent sr experiences.

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    Not sure how recent u mean but we did an sr at the end of march and went to css. Although we enjoyed every minute it didn't save our marriage and when and if I return to couples (I hope I hope) it will be part of a diff couple

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    My friend, you are posting to the right gal! I went to couples for my "honeymoon" with my first husband. Couples was amazing, but I was there with the wrong person. Nothing like being miserable in paradise. Last year I took my sweetheart to csa to celebrAte a long overdue finalized divorce. He proposed. Now we can't wait to go back on our honeymoon. I've married my soulmate. Trust me, there are great times to be had at couples once again!
    I'll never forget walking into the piano bar for ultimate chocolate and being asked what we were celebrating. My proud response was "getting divorced" while holding my true love's hand.
    You'll be back!

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    We got CTI this fall. I'm pretty sure that's what most will get as it's the least expensive.

    Still a Couples vacation at a great price.

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    We went to tower Isle in January, 2011 for our SR. However, I was at CSA in September, 2011 and met 2 couples who obtained CSA for their SR. The majority of time you will end up at the Ocho Rio Couples ( CTI and CSS ), however if there are rooms available in Negril at CSA or CN, you could end up there ( those resorts just sell out more frequently ). Other then my anxiousness about not knowing where I was going, I would do the SR again in a heartbeat ( LOVED CTI).

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    Having been to cn twice and csa once, I'd love to revisit either. However, we are game to see the other side of the island and are looking for the most affordable way to do it. We really have no interest in css, but no matter what, it's all fine!

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    We booked the SR last Dec and got CTI, we just booked the SR tonight for 2 weeks out- will be happy to share what we get as soon as I know. Will be happy at any one of the resorts!!!!!

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    I can't wait! Let me know!

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    We got CTI again- just found out last night! We loved it last year and I am sure that we will love it again this year. We have been to CSS (muliple times), CN (once) and now this will be our second visit to CTI- have yet to visit CSA....

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    To be in honest I had no interest in css or cti but with the way our finances were it was sr or another resort. We took our chances and got to css. We LOVED it and I would return in a minute (if I had someone to go with lol) I would def do a sr again and take the chance of going to cti (my last choice by far) rather than settle for a non couples resort...

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    That's great! We loved csa, but cn was the first couples I visited, and I think is still my favorite. I love the design- decor of the rooms at csa.
    We are hoping for cti if, when we do sr. Seems like the best food options, which is very important to us.

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    The foodT CTI is wonderful!!! I can taste the jerk chicken already!!!YUM! And the sweet potato chips and dip at the veggie bar!!!YUM!!!!!

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    I was hoping randymon would go crazy and offer a black Friday offer we couldn't refuse.
    We'll just hope and wait for an amazIng wednesday deal or for early spring sr rates to post.
    ENjoy your trip!

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    We would love to be able to do the SR but I have a pretty bad physical handicap which makes climbing steps just about impossible. I can handle 2 or 3 normal sets like at CTI or CN. However when I see all of those steps at CSS I can literally see myself in agonizing pain and can feel myself getting "queezy" just looking at them in the pictures because I know the amount of pain they will cause.

    Is there any way to be able to exclude one of the resorts when booking the SR?

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    What's a secret rendezvous?

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    Rachelle, you pay a lower price and Couples pics the resort and room for you. You find out about seven days before departure where you will be staying. Most of the time, people end up in Ocho Rios as there are more rooms available there usually but I have heard some people have gotten Negril. We did it back in 09 and ended up at CSS and saved a bunch of money. If you are adventurous, it may be something to try!

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    Check out the rates section. Basically, at a discounted rate you book when you want to travel in the next month or two, and a week before you depart for Jamaica, couples tells you where you are going.

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    We did a SR and got CTI in April 2011 and it was the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. It was our first
    Couples experience and after I have visited CSA or CN then I would do the SR again. Actually trying to decide
    between the two right now for a June trip lol. The staff at CTI was amazing they remember your name for your
    whole trip...they remember what you are drinking when you walk up to the bar. The only thing I would
    recommend to CTI is to get some umbrellas for those people who can't be in the sun all day (as is the case with my
    Irish Potato boyfriend lol) other then that it's absolutely perfect!!!

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