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    Default How do I contact Ray Bell the t shirt guy?

    I am leaving Jan. 1 for 1 week at the B resort next door to CSA for our friends wedding before we spend 5 days at CN. Can`t go that far and not go Home to CN for at least a little while. As our time at CN is limited we will not be doing the trading places thingy with CSA. Is there a way I can contact Ray Bell the t shirt guy while I am at the B resort right next door? Will bring paint and would like to buy some shirts. I understand that if you bring your own shirts he will paint them? I here he uses a washable acrylic paint? Are colored Tshirts OK?

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    Home in 17 days

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    ya mon you could always walk to csa and see if ray is there, you can ask a security guard you have some business with ray and he could have ray talk to you or i can give you his cell number and he could meet you some where let me know waynef

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