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    Default 11 November 2011

    11/11/11. We are 111 days away from our departure. At least the holidays and this message board will help pass the time. Would be great if my massage therapy course would start. Just another thing to occupy myself 'til "The Big Day". And an update to our agreement, I'll still have to learn to snowboard but she will do the one day scuba class instead of getting certified. Would have been nice to have her as a dive partner.

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    Diving is such a polarizing activity, meaning you either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. I had the wife take the Discover dive on our honeymoon and she absolutely loved it, so she got certified before our next trip. It might be better for her to do it that way, in case she doesn't dig the diving thing. Either way, good luck! It's much better when both people are certified and love it.

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