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    Default Just back from CSA!!!

    We've just returned from CSA for the 6th time in 3 years. During our first visit we met a couple that we've been meeting back there every April and November. They were one of the main reasons we retuned and we always scheduled our trips during the time that they'd be there. This visit was bittersweet because the wife passed away earlier this year. They were scheduled to return to CSA for the 30th time a month before she died. Anyway, the husband decided to return and we were there together for the first time since his wifeís passing. It was very bittersweet for us and my heart grieved for him, he seemed lost without her. We spent a great deal of time looking at picture from previous visits and reminiscing about the times when she was there with us. Before we arrive, I contacted the resort to let them know of our friend's passing, told them her husband would be returning and would be there the same time we were, and asked if they could help me plan something special to memorialize her. They suggested a Chinese Lantern Release on the beach. We, along with Shellyanne and Akeem, were able to release the lanterns in front of the Cabana grill right before the repeaters dinner on Monday night. It was beautiful and our friend was so touch by the gesture.

    The resort is as wonderful as it was the last time we were there. We actually took another couple with us this time that had never been there before and they absolutely fell in love with CSA and the staff. Mr. Issa was there for a few days and he was really nice to talk with. He's a very down-to-earth person and listens to what the guests have to say. My husband suggested he get more TVs in the sports complex because there were not enough to allow everyone to watch their Sunday NFL games. He agreed that there needed to be more and said he'd do it.

    The beach is not as wide as it used to be but itís still beautiful. Weíve always stayed in the Greathouse before this visit; this time we booked an Ocean Verandah Suite which was right in front of the hot tub. I actually liked the location better but my husband didnít. The room was cleaned impeccably every day, the food was good, and the staff are still amazing. What more can you ask for? We, along with the friends we took with us, are already talking about returning in a couple of months. I absolutely love CSA!!!

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    I am sorry about your loss of a friend. I actually liked the beach better this visit ( September, 2011), the palm trees are more grown, more shade, and I like being closer to the water . When it was super wide, it just seemed too far away.

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    Well glad you had a great trip and I too am sorry for the loss of a friend!! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes!!! God Bless!!

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