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    Default CSA- Great House Verandah / CN- Deluxe Garden - Noisy?

    Hi all,

    My fiance and I have decided on Couples in Negril (still undecided between CN and CSA) for our honeymoon next year. This will be our first time at a Couples, we're so excited! Because we're paying for a wedding as well, we're trying to book as cheap as possible, and have seen some great prices on The only two rooms they offer, however, are the Great House Verandah at CSA, and the Deluxe Garden at CN. I have also been in touch with a travel agent, and she told me that she does not recommend either of those rooms because of the noise factor. She said that the Great House Verandah is right next to the disco, making it loud at night, and the Deluxe Garden is near a road and is very noisy. This is not something I've heard anywhere else, and I've been researching these resorts for weeks!

    I am wondering what others' experiences have been in these rooms.. Is it really that bad?

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    I dont agree with your TA re the Deluxe Garden Rooms at CN - they are our room of choice at CN, and blocks 1 and 5 especially, are as close to the beach (and therefore as far away from the road) as you could want. I do, however, agree re the Great House Verandah rooms at CSA. The Great House is a busy area and the hard surfaces in enclosed corridors mean that any noise echos. Just MHO.

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    We stayed in the Deluxe Garden and LOVED it. Even when sitting on out balcony looking at the beautiful trees, birds etc we were never bothered by any noise. We spent all day on the beach so loved the change of the beautiful gardens. You are going to have a great time! Congrats and enjoy your wedding!

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    Stayed in the greathouse rooms 3 times, never heard any disco noise. The walls are concrete, so you don't get much sound through them. The only thing we ever heard was people talking in the hall and slamming their doors. That being said, we don't stay in the GH anymore, we prefer the other rooms.

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    Can't speak for CSA, but the deluxe garden rooms at CN had no noise issues.

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    Nothing wrong with the Deluxe Garden at CN. In my 5 stays I have never had an issue with noise.

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    If you get the right Great House Verandah Suite then you won't have any noise issues. The rooms are located in the same building at the disco, but only a couple are above or near the disco. The great thing about either resort is that if you get to your room and don't like something about it, they will do everything they can to make you happy.

    Honestly, just pick the resort you really want because the room can always change. Good luck deciding and congrats!

    By the way, we love CSA!

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    Default Csa

    I can only speak for CSA. I completely DISAGREE with your travel agent. We just returned from CSA and stayed in the great house. This was our second time staying in the great house and neither time have we ever been affected by any noise coming from the Aura lounge. You are guaranteed a view of the ocean and are so close to the beach, swim-up bar and restaurants. For the money I would go with the great house every time!!!!!

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    We went to CSA in April of 2010 and stayed in a Atrium suite, which was very quiet (if you can get this room category go for it, very, very romantic) We loved Jamaica so much...we returned to CN in March of 2011 and stayed in a Deluxe Garden room and aside from the birds chirping we heard no noise. Great room. We loved both properties and both are fabulous...congrats on the wedding!

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    We have stayed at both resorts, and the garden room at CN was quiet. The garden verandah at CSA was extremely noisy ( old section close to the road, cars honking ). Maybe your TA got CSA mixed up with CN. CN is lovely and the garden rooms are basic but lovely. We prefer CN over CSA, but both resorts are fantastic. Good luck.

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    Thanks so much for the input, guys!! We've decided to stay at CSA in the Great House Verandah for 6 nights, then head over to CSS for 4 nights and we got a bonus upgrade to a Beachfront Suite! So excited! (we also went with a different travel agent who is doing everything she can to make our honeymoon as amazing as possible : ) )

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    It sounds like your TA may not have any direct/first hand experience at CN. I always recommend using a TA, but one who actually visits, and has first hand knowledge of the resorts they sell.

    We have no experience with the Great House rooms at CSA, but the Garden rooms at CN tend not to be a problem. Any road noise you might hear can be muffled greatly by simply closing the shutters in the bathroom.

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    We were at CN in September and stayed in a Garden room in Building 3 - 3rd floor. The only time I found it noisy was the first night (Saturday) - cars zooming up & down the main road just on the other side of the tennis courts until 3am. I thought about asking to be moved but we were totally unpacked and I'm too lazy. It was better thank goodness the following nights until our last night - Friday. I guess the weekends are nosier than weekdays.

    We live in the country at home and don't have car noise so it was kind of weird to have it at our vacation resort.

    We are booked again for next May & September and will once again ask for a room in Building 1-5 so we are close to the dive centre but hope it's not building 3 again. This time I know more so we can change at time of check-in.
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    You won't regret it, CSA ROCKS!

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    Default CSA - Great House

    My Wife and I stayed in the Great House for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. Our room was overlooking the swim-up bar which was great. We were usually at the disco until it closed, so I don't remember hearing any noise from it. The only time I heard noise was in the morning when the housekeeping staff start cleaning the rooms. But by this point, the sun would be beating down on my face and it was time to get to the beach!

    PS - We are going back to CSA next April and requested the Great House again. We love being right next to the internet cafe, swim-up bar, and Palms Restaurant.

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    The first time we stayed at CN we were in Garden Deluxe room 3105. I was almost in tears due to the road noise. We live in the country and are not used to any noise at all let alone when we spent $$$ on a vacation. Resort was full so to bad so sad.

    Once you turned on the AC it droned out the road noise. The noise was still horrible in the bathroom. Luckily if you sat out in the garden patio you did not hear the noise.

    We have learned to always upgrade rooms now at every resort we go to as someone has to get put in the less desirable rooms. I guarantee it is not going to us anymore! I would rather spend a few extra dollars up front.

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