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    Default Can't wait!

    We have booked the CSS for February 6-12, 2012 and from what I have read on the message board, I can't wait to arrive!
    We live in beautiful Roswell, New Mexico (my wife Julie and I) and came here during the 60's in the USAF. Retired here, but still active in working part time, etc.
    I have been on 24+ cruises, but wanted to try an all inclusive. It sounds like I will repeat CSS in the future!
    Tom and Julie
    Roswell, NM

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    You definitey will like CSS. My SO and I did a couple of cruises, and enjoyed them when he wanted to try an AI. We also chose CSS, and now we don't even want to cruise. We found on cruises, you get nickled & dimed to death. The cost of drinks alone could be a shock at the end when you get your final bill. Here you don't have to worry. No shock at the end, and no having to dish out the tips at the end either. Just come and relax. Welcome to Couples.

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    Wife and I cruised, then we went to CN 4 years ago. Forgot all about cruising, coming up on 4 trip to CN soon, and really they can't begin to compare in my book. We will do one cruise though, through the Panama Canal. Sadly, that will probably replace a trip to CN.

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    Hi edgettt,
    You will love CSS! I totally agree with Lindad! We used to be cruise people, but hated the sticker shock of our bar bill and excursions at the end of 7 days! I selected CSS for our vacation in 2010, and we have not taken another cruise!!!! We are all set for trip number 4 in December and trip number 5 for July 2012!

    CSS totally rocks!

    One Love,

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