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    Default First time, few questions

    Hi folks,

    Me and my partner are soon off to CN for our honeymoon, she is very outgoing and is keep to use the AN
    beach area. This will not only be our first time to couples but also be our first time trying AN.

    This may sound silly but is it the case that u wear a robe/towl to the AN beach then disrobe once u find a couple of loungers?

    Thank you

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    Robe, shorts, etc., as you have to wear something to the AN beach from room, or elsewhere, on the resort. Once there you may find your lounger before disrobing, but it's not something you want to hesitate doing, as those on the AN beach are there to be is not optional. It's easy, liberating, and natural; not to mention, fun. Get there early enough to have a choice of location, as there are some sea grape trees that provide some shade, if needed. When it's time to get in the Sea you can either walk right in with no lounger pad/'floatie',or carry it by your side (as some do), to shield yourself from the textile beach immediately on your right, or the beach 'next door'. The CN AN beach is on the left side of the property, as you face the Sea, and borders on the next resort area. No Big Deal. ENJOY!


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    You may wear whatever you want to the beach, then disrobe when you've found your spot and settled in. No issues as long as you realize that AN means no clothes and that's how you will have to be.

    It's a bit unnerving at the start, but no issues after a few minutes.

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    Having been first timers ourselves just last week, (already seems like longer...) the wife and I followed the suggestions of others on this forum:
    1. Dressed to the A/N area, once there, find a couple loungers and shed the clothes
    2. Relax and enjoy yourselves!

    We went to CTI, so getting the A/N area was different than the other Couples resorts, as we had to take a boat to and from the Isle, but the general idea is the same...

    I'm going to direct you to a thread I started about going A/N for the first time, covering some of the "etiquette" of A/N:

    Have fun, relax, and make sure to put sunscreen on all your bits!

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    It really isn't that big of a deal. Find a chair, disrobe, drink a drink, and you will be fine!

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