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    Default Trading places at CSA

    My wife and I will be staying at CN, but are planning to trade places with CSA for a day while we're there. What should we make sure to do/see while at Swept Away?

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    Being at SweptAway offers you nearly unfettered access to all that Seven Mile Beach has to offer. My recommendation is to get a look at the place to check it all out (especially the spa across the street)... then go to the beach, turn left, and walk...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    As you face the sea, walk the beach to the left and go shopping and bar hopping. It's really fun.

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    Make sure to go across the street and check out the Sports Complex. Also, go and get the sweet potato chips and dips from Seagrapes. One of the best things you can do....and you can only do this from just walk the beach forever and check out the local shops, restaurants, people, Margaritaville, etc. Make sure to go to the left when you hit the beach. Enjoy your day at CSA.

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    I recommend having lunch at Patois Patio, a nice sit down restaurant ( since the main restaurant at CN is buffet). Definitely visit the sports complex. Walk thru the garden area between all the rooms. Check out the activities schedule when you arrive, and if interested attend any scheduled activities , always much fun.

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    I second having lunch at Patois. It is a great alternative to the buffet at CN. Try the sangria. They make it there daily, it is great! We learned last week that you can order pizza and pasta from Patois and they will deliver it to your lounge chair on the beach. That is the life! Enjoy!

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