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    Thought this might be fun. This message board has been so helpful that I thought I put up a post about a Christmas present to see what kind of ideas I get. Each adult in our family is picking a name to get someone a Christmas present. When we "submit" our name we need to have our top three picks for a gift that is around $50. We are doing this so we can also donate to a worthy cause. I already put down the Slingpro camera bag suggested on this site. So, let's hear it. Would love it to be something I could use for our trip in January. Thanks!

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    macthing luggage tag and passport holder.

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    A great beachbag.

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    A beautiful sarong (
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    A cute TSA bag for liquid carry-ons

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    How about a gift card for your favorite bookstore or or Barns & Noble to purchase or download your favorite beach reads????

    One Love,

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    a Victoria Secret gift certificate to buy swim wear or .......

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    how about a kindle?

    saves carrying all those books we lug about in our holiday bags

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    Thanks everyone! Cool website Pamela.

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