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    Hi, to any one that has played golf in Jamaica.We are going in December, all the fees are a bit strange.What will it cost for the two of us with a cart and caddy? I know the fee for walking, I just don't know if I want to walk up and down mountain sides. thanks for any info.

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    We were at CTI (7/26 - 8/1) The course is not that hilly...Caddy is mandatory we had the best, "Giffy" you can request him! Bring your own balls and tees. Prices are on Couples website don't remember them offhand...If you get "Giffy" please send him regards from Steve & Terri!
    (Just remind him that Steve borrowed his driver....and then bought one when we returned home it was a Titleist)

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    It cost me usually around $70.00 u.s. and thats for cart,caddie,club rentals,a few drinks and a tip of around $15-20.00u.s.

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    To those who have golfed at CTI. Which golf course do you go to? How long is the bus ride? Thanks!

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    It is Sandals golfcouse, I think it's called UPTON, and a 10 min ride from CTI

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    Welcome to Jamaican golf! You weren't specific about where you were staying but I've played at both courses and the fees are basically the same. My buddies and I played the S (Upton) course 6 years ago this December and we played Negril Hills this past December. Upton is a better layout and is alot less hilly than Negril Hills. My advice is to walk if it's not too hot out and you're used to walking your home course. The bonus is that you get to know both your caddy and the course much better. If you're playing Negril Hills bring plenty of balls because it's tight and if you stray off the fairway you're going to lose balls. If you have any specific questions drop me a line at Anyway I'll get off my soapbox now. The costs are approximate as follows:
    Club rentals - $15-20/set (we brought our own),
    Caddy Fee - $14/person paid at the clubhouse,
    Cart Fee - $38.00/18 holes (same price with one or two riders),
    Caddy Tip - $20/18 or $10/9 holes per person
    Drinks - $3-5 soft/sports drink or beer, we bought the caddy one on each side
    Total for 18/2 people (riding and renting) = $170
    Total for 18/2 people (walking with your clubs) = $100
    ENJOY the courses we sure did!

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