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    Default Anyone ever flown Spirit Airlines?

    Has anyone flown Spirit Airlines? Were you happy with them?

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    Default Hello

    I have flown Spirit Airlines out of Chicago. It was okay, but they do not have straight thru flights. I have no clue where you are flying out of, but try http:// because they are a little cheaper, at least when we used them, and they fly directly to Jamaica. Hope that helps.

    Chicago, IL

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    Yes. Last summer we flew with them. They charge for every bag and limit is 40 lbs. They charge for overhead carry on - $25. They charge for every thing to eat and drink, including water. They charge for reserved seating, we took our chances at the airport and got to sit together. They changed our times on the flight back and gave us one hour to get throguh customs. We ran from the security gate with shoes in hand and stood in the door for another couple to get there or they would have left them. THis was because the did a second security check at the gate at MBJ for all 180 on the plane, which put us behind in Ft. Lauderdale. The only reason for the check was to charge people for carry ons that would not fit under the seat. If you are tall your legs will not fit. I have a 32 inch inseam and I could not touch my knees together. Seats do not recline. So if you are short and going to SSB fly Spirit.

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    It's a discount airline; you get what you pay for. Don't expect much; otherwise, you'll be disappointed.

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    We flew back from San Juan on Spirit in 2002, because our Northwest plane was getting repairs done and they put us on a different airline. It was pretty awesome. At the time, it was the only airline that we had ever flown that offered a free computer interface at every seat. We had free trivia, movies, tv shows, music, etc, and at one point, about 30 people on the plane realized we were all playing against each other on the trivia, which got pretty crazy fun. They served complimentary food and drink for the flight from Santo Domingo to JFK. It was one of our favorite flights ever, but who knows how things have changed in the last 7 years with all that has gone on in the airline industry.

    Update: After reviewing the airline's website, I'm starting to wonder if this was a different airline. The had blue & green (maybe some yellow) Caribbean pastel colors and tan seats. Does anyone know if this was Spirit or maybe another airline?
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    We have flown a couple of times on Spirit. Had no issues with them other then their gate agents in the Orlando airport were not very friendly. Otherwise they were on time and service was good.

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    I flew spirit in March 2007 to the Bahamas with a connection in FLL. On our way back, I heard there was a huge snow storn in the north east. I called the airline from the bahamas (when all of the nyc airports were closed) to reschedule my flight out of the Bahamas, and they refused to admit that my connecting flight wouldn't be taking off that day. When we arrived in Florida, our flight was, of course, canceled. They couldn't put us on a flight home for 4 days and there were no hotels available anywhere around.

    We wound up renting a car and driving from Ft. Lauderdale to NYC.

    They are cheap, but not worth it.

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    once got a flight canceled from Chicago to Ft L. it was a Monday. they gave me 2 choices, get a refund (sans taxes and fees) or wait for the next flight on Friday. From then on I only fly with them on extreme budget situations, but never if there is a layover involved.

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    I used to fly it all the time at least 10 times a year very cheap and reliable until they started charging for everything including carry on bags so I know longer use them.

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    Our flight to Montego Bay was changed 3x's ( including days), before our last trip in September. I had prebooked my September trip in 2010, and had to keep changing my travel days. Luckily, CSA was not full, and they were accommodating ( CSA not Spirit), in helping with the changes. By the way, the last change they made included an overnight layover for our return trip back to Chicago. I would have NEVER booked an overnight layover.
    There were flight delays on our return trip. TWICE they loaded the plane, and then unloaded the plane. Never received a true story as to why. As previously stated , their planes have the least amount of leg room then ANY plane I have ever flown, and the seats are awful uncomfortable.

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    We fly Spirit from FLL almost everytime we go on vacation to the Caribbean/Mexico. They do charge for absolutely everything, and on our last trip to Cancun the screen said the flight was delayed for over an hour so we went to get something to eat. Luckily, about 20 min later FH went to the bathroom and happened to notice our plane was boarding! He ran back to get me, packed up our food etc and booked it to the gate only to be told we were *this* close to missing it. I was livid, we asked why it was leaving since it was delayed - Flight attendant proceeded to tell us it wasn't delayed. Then WHY did the screen say so? We were the last ones on, and it was the only flight of the day to Cancun. We would've missed a whole day of our vaca because of their mistake. Other than that, we haven't had any issues with them besides them changing our honeymoon flights by 10-30 minutes and not notifying us.
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