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    Default 3 kids at home...can we check in?

    My sisters are coming to our wedding in October and they both have 3 kids at home. They were curious if there was any way to check in with them through the internet while we are in Jamaica? They have used Skype before and really liked it...weren't sure if Couples had this capability.

    If someone would shed a little light on this subject my family and I would greatly appreciate it!

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    If they are in a Verandah suite, I believe they have wireless internet. They could bring a laptop and use Skype from their room.

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    They have a computer room at all the resorts. You could use skype there, or bring your own laptop and use it in one of the wifi locations.

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    All the resorts have a Computer Room and a wireless internet area or areas. I have seen people Magic Jack at CTI. (Would need a lap top, card and phone)

    Cell phones work, but they are not cheap to use.

    Text messaging is also a lower cost why to keep in touch.
    Irie Mon

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    We have 3 kids at home and we only communicated through email. We had planned ahead of time what times I would check email. If there were an emergency they had the number to call the hotel, but otherwise it was only email. I have noticed when I have watched other people's kids that the kids will get all upset when they get on the phone with their parents but are fine before and after. Who needs that kind of upset? They were with Grandma so I knew they were in very capable hands. I really think it added to the relaxation of our trip. I would have felt awful if they were weepy on the phone.

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    I have read many posts of folks using Skype at all of the Couples resorts. I do believe though that they use their own laptops.

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    We were at CSA in 2005 and there were computers upstairs in the lobby where we logged on and emailed home.

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    there are MANY ways to make contact back home.

    Cell phones work, .99 - 1.99 per minute

    use email on resort computer

    take your own laptop, then email or skype from lobby or other hot spots

    get a calling card

    have your family call you at the resort at designated times, it is much cheaper to call Jamaica from the US, the front desks answers like any other hotel

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