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    Default pictures of CSA

    Does anyone have any general pictures of CSA that they would post or email? We are trying to decide between CSA and CN. Pictures can be emailed to

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    Go to any photo sharing site such as Flickr, or Picasa and search for "Couples Swept Away" and you will find far more photos than you could ever look at. Trip advisor has no less than 2454 "traveler's photos" posted for for CSA also.

    You could also do a search on youtube as there are plenty of videos that show detailed tours of the resort available.

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    Take a look at - there are lots of very accurate photos of both CSA and CN. Enjoy!

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    You might want to look at this site , it has photos of all the couples resorts posted by guests.

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    Here is our flickr page from the CSA trip in September 2010. We loved it and can't wait to get back to Jamaica in 2012!

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