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    Default CN you are in for a real treat!

    In about 156 days we will be in CN for our wedding.....but CN the treat will be yours, you will get to meet my Aunt Jean and Uncle Dave then....they are coming with us, they are in their late 60's early 70's and a sweeter nicer more fun loving couple you will never meet. Not just being bias here either. I don't think they have ever met a stranger, and Aunt Jean will likey just hug you instead of shaking your hand.
    They have never done anything like this before in their lives and when we told them about CN they said.."can we come"? Hell yea,..... they are so sweet and such a hoot I fully expect them to have new friends everywhere they sit down...LOL Sue and Mark...look out..ha ha...

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    Sue and I can't wait to meet Aunt Jean and Uncle Dave!!! We were supposed to be returning to Couples in 16 days for our usual Nov. / Dec. trip but this year we are going to Vegas for our daughters wedding on Nov. 19th. Can't wait until April!!!!

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