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    Default Sans Souci: Which rooms types have a jacuzzi??

    Please somebody help!!! I am thinking about choosing San Souci for our vacation early next year, but don't know which rooms have the jacuzzi tubs. I am thinking that the Penthouse suite would be pretty cool, but does it have a jacuzzi?? We really want a nice balcony too. Please help!!!!

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    I think the only room with a jacuzzi tubs are the beachfront suites, the Prime Minister suite and the Hibiscus Cottage (both big bucks!)
    The beachfront suites also have a nice walk in shower besides the tub. We've only stayed in the penthouse rooms but our friends had a beachfront suite so we did check those out. The rooms are very nice but the balconies are rather small. If you plan on spending more time on the balcony than you would in the tub, I'd go for a penthouse or a one bedroom ocean suite.

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    The Beachfront Suites have a jacuzzi tub, but their balconies are smaller. I don't think any other categories have the jacuzzi tub, but I could be wrong.

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    The Penthouse Suites are amazing with huge balconies, but no jacuzzi tubs UNLESS you book the Prime Ministers Suite. If you must have a jacuzzi tub, book the beachfront suites but they have small balconies and are in Blocks A &B.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    the 1 bedroom beach front suites
    they are in the bath and not really big enough for 2 pax

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    Rjammin has steered you right! Forget to jacuzzi tub and go for the huge balconies. The tub takes forever to fill up and the hot tubs around the property especially the one by the mineral pool are better. We always book the one bedroom ocean suites for best price point with the biggest balcony. Hope to stay in the hibiscus cottage before I die! lol It's amazing! Got to be one of the best rooms in all of Jamaica.
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