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    I'm looking at the 360 view of the Atrium suites on the website and have 2 questions. It looks like there's a little atrium in the middle (which obviously makes sense hence the name), but it looks like you can see directly across the atrium into the room on the other side. Is that correct? Also, (and I apologize if this is offensive to anyone), but with no glass on the windows, do you hear the neighbors alot?

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    Yes , if you make an effort to look you can. You hav to really go over to the blinds and make en effort though. We just close them on that side if we are dressing or "getting busy"... Lol. And no... U cannot hear anything.

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    Yes, you can see directly into the room across from you if both set of slats are open. In the 15 nights that I have spent in Atrium suites at CSA I have never really seen neighbors in the other room. There are two sets of slats (one above, one below) and if you close the top set, you still get light from the bottom but maintain your privacy. Also, depending upon when you go, you may not even have neighbors. That has been the case for the majority of my trip nights anyway.

    As far as the noise.....I cannot say that I have ever once "heard" any one. Maybe different schedules, maybe not having neighbors for the majority of the nights, I don't know. I will say though, even walking around the resort and from the out side, I have also never "heard' any one.

    I very much enjoy this room category (especially the hammock!) and prefer the look over the others, but if it would be something that would take away from your ability to "enjoy" your partner, there are a lot of other rooms in which you may feel more comfortable.

    No matter what you choose, I'm sure you will have an AMAZING time!
    Team Leegion

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    Yes there is alittle atrium in the middle. I guess if you have your shutters open and their shutters are open you can see into each other room depending of foilage in the atrium. As for noise that would depends on neighbors and there is glass on the inside windows to help with that. We never heard our neighbors but did hear a few people passing by. Nevered worried about anyone hearing us.... just turned on the radio. Figured we are at an all adult romantic resort we all know what is going on in the rooms ,( it doesnt take 2 plus hours to get ready for dinner ;no offensive to anyone). Our biggest complaint about the Atrium is that the bathroom wall doesn't go all the way to ceiling. For some its not an issue, but for us we would just tell the other to go to the hammock, lol .

    The room does get nice a cool with the shutters shut.

    We love the Atrium and have booked it three times now and don't think we would book any other room type.

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    Hey! We stayed in an Atrium suite a couple weeks ago, and when I first walked into the room, I was a little worried about that too. But on the windows that face the room across from your room, there IS glass on the windows. We didn't hear our neighbors at all, not that we were listening... also I don't know what time you go to bed, but we didn't stay up super late most nights, and usually the music was still playing at the Palms and it's relatively loud, but didn't keep us up...just blocks out any noise you might hear from your neighbors

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    We are leaving in 10 days and we booked the Atrium suite. We have been to CSA 2 other time and was wondering what the bathrooms looked like. Is there a large shower and no bathtub....We are hoping so.

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    Hi llthorne - there is a large shower and no tub in the atrium suite.

    And actually we have heard people before....we had a neighbor with a bad cold and heard coughing all night for several nights, so I'm thinking we were probably also heard....

    But we did love the Atrium and would definitely recommend it!

    Have fun!!

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