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    So there has been a lot of talk about staff shout outs and other things on the message board but I decided that before I leave the island, I would sit down and write about the experience that I had while at Couples versus other resorts that I have stayed, focusing on the Entertainment Team as there are the 'live- wires' of the resort as the Beach Party MC stated.

    Firstly, I must say that they have a very small team to cater to hundreds of guests every week which is unbelievable. The resort's entertainment package is quite diverse, offering you calming classes while invigorating and intoxicating classes also ;0) The package allows you to do a lot or do nothing at all which the most noticeable difference between Couples and other resorts as it is there but you are not compelled t0 do too much if you do not want to do so. There is a very good nightlife at the resort that caters to the masses; whether you want to listen to solely the dinner music or you would like to enjoy a fully entertaining show at 9:15pm or you want to enjoy a moment of sing-a-long at the Piano Bar which leads straight into a night of dancing at the club.

    With all of that said I must say that the team was pleasantly good; they were never missing but at the same time they were not always seen! This means that someone would always be around to host an activity or start a game but if you wanted solitude on the beach to be swept away by the ocean, they would leave you to that too. They were very intelligent at that too and not merely a set of young fresh out of high schools kids. You could sit and discuss what is happening in the Eurozone with Akeem; you could discuss Jamaica's transition over the years with Theresa and you could discuss how Britain affects or impacts Jamaica to this day with Nicholas. They were all well read and intelligent persons who carried themselves in a very good manner that surprised me.

    On the guests and staff night, the small team would give spectacular performances in dance and music, accompanied by other guests who were equally as good. Also, how could one forget the rather breath taking fashion show with Akeem's wrap almost falling off on stage to reveal a very beautiful statue. Apart from the talent show, they perform every night during the cabaret performances; they ensure that the shows that could have been disasters were vibrant and energetic even with the very little persons who attended most nights. Theresa....yes Theresa would always be dancing in those heels- oh my wife takes her pumps off to you in awe!

    Needless to say that I was very impressed by the team because of the work that they did with the numbers they had at the given time. However, before leaving the resort, there are two new staff that joined the team making an almost complete circle as I still believe that they are not full. The two addition in m opinion have great potentials especially the girl who has a natural charisma and charm and she can dance as hell; the guy I believe is filled with youthful exuberance and he too will be a great asset to the company. I have not had the chance to sit and speak to them but I have seen them dining with guests and enticing them with dance and of course just being bubbly.

    Couples' Entertainment Team has great potential that I believe is untapped; there is so much more I know that they are capable of and I cannot wait to come back to see what they have become.

    With that said, I must make some suggestions to help in that transition-
    1. Music on the beach and pool deck would be good and it would help the staff too to get people involved
    2. More beach games are need than just volleyball, which did not happen because the net was down
    3. Earlier shows and better music in the disco especially on Fridays
    4. Encourage staff to be themselves and not to hide the true them from the rest of the world as that will make them only bitter. I heard some guests bashing the guy's on the team one day stating that they are too 'happy' and that they must be gay and all I could have turned to them and say was, 'shame on you'! If they are, it is no one's business as they are not overly flamboyant nor are they seducing any of the men. Akeem and Nicholas and the other males are beautiful and whether they dance ballet or sing ballads, it does not make them gay!

    The team is good and will be the selling point for Couples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Preach on Brother! The E-Team is one of the biggest reasons we are repeaters. I also cannot convey enough how intelligent they are and how fun it is to have meaningful discussions with them (although I am slightly biases as Akeem is my favorite) and then turn around and dance all night together! They are absolutely incredible people.

    These guys (and girls) work 18+ hour days, 6 days a week. I know that they have recently lost one (if not two) of their members and trying to integrate the new fact, at the casino night while I was there I got to be the dealer for Black Jack as it was Nicholas' first experience with the game, so he needed to learn how to play. So much fun messing with him and he took it all in stride.

    Working in entertainment hospitality, I can fully appreciate what they do to put on a show, not only EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. but all day long too. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

    I can't for the life of me understand what sexual orientation has to do with being able to effectively do one's job, and it's unfortunate that this is any part of the discussion. The men on the E-Team are fun, interactive, classy, engaging, entertaining, incredibly talented and above all else, GREAT PEOPLE.

    Nothing but much love and respect to them all! xo
    Team Leegion

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