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    Default Detailed couples negril review

    I just returned from a week at Couples Negril with my wife, adn since I read this message board SEVERAL time before booking my trip I figured I would return the favor to assist others.

    Imigration was a breeze and took no more then 10 minutes TOTAL...
    The Couples lounge at the airport was nice, and the people were great. Only had to wait about 10 minutes to grab the shuttle to Negril. It was a solid 1 1/2 hour winding road trip. The drivers and several others over the length of the trip will come right out and tell you to tip, so be prepared.

    DO NOT CONVERT YOUR MONEY AT THE AIRPORT!!! Some say you need to, but if you feel the need to convert some cash then do it in your home town, at a bank or financial institution that will give you a fair rate. The Airport gives you about 15% less then your cash is worth to exchange it to Jamaician, and then will give you 15% less AGAIN to change it back to Dollars at the end of your trip. Every place I went was glad to take US currency with ZERO problem!

    The reception at the Resort was great, welcoming and SUPER Friendly.

    Overall the staff is OUTSTANDING!!! very helpful, friendly and most of them will remember you and know your name VERY quickly. The only issue is that the Jamaician way.... "NO PROBLEMS", is VERY obvious. That theme is GREAT to help everyone relax, and enjoy the trip.... BUT if you do have anything you consider a "PROBLEM", they continue to act like its no big deal... The down side of "NO PROBLEMS". They are not eager to "FIX" things for you.... I had a few small issues with bags, cabs and little things and never did anyone seem concerned or eager to help.
    Is everyone GREAT? YES! Is everyone super friendly? YES! Will they attempt to spoil you? YES! OVERALL Very happy with the staff!

    BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!! Clean, taken care of and among the BEST!!! We paid the extra money for the BeachFront Ocean View Room, and it was AWESOME!!! Our bathroom was as big as my bedroom at home. The view was GREAT, and RIGHT on the beach. I will be bragging about the Room, the pools and the facilty for years to come! For us it was TOTALLY worth the extra money for the upgraded room!

    REALLY REALLY NICE!!! Great, clean, with lots of shade, hammocks, and never an issue getting chairs. The "NUDE" section of the beach is NOT a reason to go.... The ENTIRE area is small then a Real Basketball Court, and not what I was expecting. If that is a deciding factor in your trip then maybe some other options are better for you.... All the people walking around "selling things" were respectful and nice, adn kept to a minimium. I actually made deals with several of them for Jet Skiis, and gifts to bring home and found them all VERY nice! OVERALL an amazing beach.... Only one day during the trip was there ANY sea-weed at the shore line, and they immeadiately got a small bull dozer and moved it all very quickly. Others from the staff even "SWEEP" the beach regularly to keep it top quility!

    Breakfast is OK.... average in my opinion. Lunch is about the same.... Nothing special, but not bad either. Most of the same things will be available every day for these two meals.... DINNER WAS GREAT!!!
    The best Resteraunt is the "ASIAN" resteraunt. GREAT Food, that I still drool about... The only down side is that they have the same menu most nights so multiple visits get a little old.
    There is also an open air one by the Beach that is REAL GOOD, and the atemosphere is GREAT!!! NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!!
    The Buffet is what you expect. Pretty good, but not to the level of the others....
    The only Resteraunt that requires a reservation and has a more restricted dress code was SOLID as well.... but not the BEST at the resort.... as previously mentioned.

    I was a little thrown off by the seating. We were told there were only a few seats available for the resteraunt that took reservations, but when we got there is was half empty and never filled up. They also have about Half of the people share tables at this one location, and that is not a plus to me....
    The other places also at time would have a wait time for a table, and the place was still half empty. It must be staff related.... and seemed odd....


    This was an odd one for me.... The Resort is AWESOME!!! However, if you are a REAL active person looking for a "hoping" atemosphere.... this was not it for me.
    During the Days, they have water sports available.... but other then that most everything COOL to do is at MINIMIUM an hour plus away, or 3 hours if you desire things in Ochos Rios. These things include swimming with the Dolphins, Zip Lines, Water Falls, Toours, Rafting etc.... ALL A solid Hour or more away EACH WAY!!!
    This to me is the one thing that I wish I new.
    We would stay in Ochos Rios or Montego Bay next time.... JUST because we spent over 10 hours just driving back and forth to Montego Bay for the Flights and Excursions. If you are a BIG excursion person, consider that.
    They do have some things to do at nights.... Some concerts that are ok.... they even offered a Movie on the beach one night, and 8 people attended.
    IT IS AN AWESOME RESORT, but not a "Hoping night life" or the center for excursions.

    Its a Beautiful place to relax, swim, enjoy the beautiful beach and be taken care of....

    GET THE MASSAGE ON THE BEACH!!! It was GREAT... for just $20 extra we got a couple massage in a cabanna RIGHT on the sand, and it was the BEST experience. Soooo relaxing and the sights and sounds of the moment made us MELT!!!

    I think it was TIMAIR of something like that. It is a small plane that only seems 6, costs about $115 a person.... and TOTALLY WORTH IT! Great smooth ride! They fly right along the coast line and the view is amazing. Plus it takes a total of 15 minutes, so you can cut over an hours off of your shuttle time to the Resort. LOVED IT, and the air field.... and I do mean Field, is RIGHT across the street from Coupel Negril and no more then 3 miles from CSA. Highly Recommend it!

    VERY GLAD WE WENT.... and Would Recommend it to others FOR SURE, but wanted to give you as clear a picture as we could if you are considering a trip.


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    This is a great review...we have been to CN 3 times and making our 4th trip on February 7th. This time we are taking TimAir from the airport, so we are very excited about that. 15 minutes to paradise. CN really is a great grabs a piece of my heart everytime we are there....looking so forward to being back on beautiful Bloody Bay.

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    So glad to read this! We arrive there for our honeymoon on Jan 26, 2012. Can't wait!!
    ~01.24.07 the first day of the rest of our lives ~ 04.22.07 "i love you" ~ 04.29.09 move into our first place ~ 06.07.11 will you marry me? ~ 01.22.12 mr & mrs. <3 ~ 01.26.12-02.04.12 COUPLES NEGRIL!~

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    Great review and thanks for sharing!! I have been on this mb for quite some time now and truly feel like I have been to all of these resorts just from what I have read and have never been there yet! Glad you had a great time and we cant wait to go for our first time!!!

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    Default Food at Couples Negril

    I don't eat much seafood. Is there any type of american food there like steak or burgers or fries or anything from United States??

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    Yes they have american food. My wife and i dont eat seafood either and we still ate great @ CN. Helconia Grill is GREAT for lunch, burgers, dogs ect all good

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchill2207 View Post
    I don't eat much seafood. Is there any type of american food there like steak or burgers or fries or anything from United States??
    A majority of the food is American style with Caribbean flair. No problems! Just go to the CN page on the website and click on Restaurants and Bars to the left of the page. From there, you can view sample dinner menus for each restaurant. The Beach Grill during the day is almost all American food. Burgers, fries, onion rings, nacho bar, etc. You should definitely try the Jamaican patties, which are kinda like smaller, meat-stuffed calzones, and also try the jerk chicken. Both are authentic Jamaican and quite tasty.

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