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Thread: Wi-Fi at CN

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    Default Wi-Fi at CN

    Has anyone used the Wi-Fi in the Beachfront Suite or is it available in the rooms?

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    It was available in block 1, though the connection was spotty at times.
    I believe there is a repeater mounted on all 3 floors of every block.

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    We were at CN in March, and I was able to connect to their wireless network on the beach with my Ipod.

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    Stayed in a gardenview room this past Christmas and had no issues with the free wifi in our room.
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    Default wi fi

    have been at cn since sat and have had no problems anywhere

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    Thanks for the feed back. Just trying to keep cheap communications going with the young'n while we are away.

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    We were at Negril two weeks ago and had no problems with Wi-Fi. As far as keeping in touch with home the internet cafe is free to use as well so we took advantage of this to communicate with the family back home.

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    Sending this from our room in building 8. Those little black boxes on each floor are not repeaters. I believe that that have something to do with the fire alarm system. Wireless should be available in all buildings at this point. I was talking to the Couples system admin this morning. Wireless should be available on the beach by Thursday.

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    Default Wi-Fi

    Unfortunately, having to drag my laptop around for work - even to Jamaica...I know...I know...but do what one must. I have had some spotty issues during the morning hours at times but usually no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherm View Post
    ...Those little black boxes on each floor are not repeaters...
    OK. Omar Taylor of the CN Systems Department told us the little black boxes that we see on each floor are repeaters, as opposed to a wireless routers. He said this to us during a conversation in February while he was measuring the length of fiber optic cable he would need to install a wireless router in one of the tall palms for better beach coverage - presumably the same enhanced coverage that you were told to anticipate on Thursday.

    I recall seeing the black boxes on several trips. They have antennae and I believe I even saw a brand name that I associate with wireless hardware (D-Link, Belkin, Linksys - or something similar). Perhaps we're talking different boxes, perhaps I'm just incorrect, or perhaps Omar misinformed us. But that is what he said.
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    OK - time to finally come clean with Sherm.

    We looked at the those boxes on our last trip and they say "GEMINI WIRELESS GEM-RECV96", which indeed are associated with wireless broadcast of fire alarms (or perhaps door opening/closing sensors or similar). So Sherm was correct and I was wr.., um incorr..., well... didn't have things factually correct.

    However, Omar T. did tell us that we would see repeaters and not wireless routers on each floor, but we realize we don't know where they are.

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