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    Default Can I ask some questions about CSS and split stays?

    Hi- In regards to CSS, I see the bar by the main pool and I see the Balloon Bar (is this open all day or only in the evening) and is there a bar by the mineral pool? I dont have a drinking problem, I just wanted to know how far to walk to a bar from each pool.

    2nd question has to do with split stays. Do they have scheduled times that you have to abide to when you switch to your new resort if its from CSS to CN or can you choose between a morning or afternoon shuttle?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Charlies Bar by the mineral pool is mainly smoothies, but they do have limited alcoholic selections. The balloon bar opens around midday. When we spend the day at the mineral pool, we will often pick up a specialty drink at the beach bar after breakfast and then head up. Once the day is going the balloon bar isn't too far. Usually the mineral pool is the quieter location compared to the beaches.
    We are doing a split stay for the first time, so I will also be looking for replies to your transfer question.

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    No alcohol at the vegie bar by the mineral pool, just smothies, I beleive.

    No, you can schedule your transfer time at any time. You have comlete control over the time you leave. If you leave at 6 am, you miss the traffic in Montego Bay and can make the trip in just over 2 hours. Plenty of time to check in and get breakfast at Couples best breakfast buffet. Be sure to try some crab meat in your omlett. There is no problem not having a room ready when you arrive. They will have a place for your luggage (which you can access all day long), a locker for your valuables, a shower, beach towels and full acces to the resort as soon as you arrive.
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    The Balloon bar is open all day (not sure what time they open in the morning but they were always open around lunch if we stopped by). There is a juice bar by the mineral pool but they have beer and soda in cans and maybe some booze.

    I believe you can schedule the time you want to depart with your first resort.


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    At CSS, there is the main pool swim-up bar and there is also the beach grill bar nearby. There is no bar at the mineral pool, but they serve smoothies there. We have only stayed at CSS and did not go to CTI while we were there, so I can't answer your other question.

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    We did a split, but it was CTI to CSS. We decided we wanted to leave after horseback riding and they were fine with that. I think you'll find Couples totally accommodating. You'll likely get suggestions here to do your across island transfer early in the morning to avoid the airport and traffic.

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    the balloon bar was open in the afternoon and early evening. the beach bar was open in the afternoon and evening. we were relaxing in our room pretty early most nights so i cant help you there.

    we did transfer to Swept Away and it was flawless. we went and spoke with the front desk the day before and set up our departure time. we decided to leave at 10am so we had a relaxing breakfast and then went a packed to go.we felt the later departure gave us a better chance of a room being ready when we arrived at Swept Away. we were the only ones in the van and it was a non stop trip, other when we asked to stop for a nature break and a beer. it took 2 hrs 45 minutes leaving at that time of day and it was a nice drive. great driver and ride.

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    I do had the same questions about a split stay, Thanks for the information. 27 days til CSA and 34 til CSS. Getting anxious !!!

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